This third-party retailer says they’re now shipping the OnePlus One… with a catch


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While OnePlus is still trying to get OnePlus One invites out to consumers through giveaways and contests, one retailer says they already have some in stock and ready to ship right now. That retailer is Oppomart, who — as their name suggests — sells all things Oppo. Oppo has natural ties to OnePlus, so to see Oppomart carrying the device isn’t all too surprising.

What is surprising, though, is that they have some in stock (which should seem normal considering OnePlus announced it was officially “shipping”). Getting your hands on one won’t come without any catches. They only have the 16GB Silk White version, for starters, and its $400 price tag is $50 more than what the phone officially retails for.

If that’s not enough, their stock doesn’t ship with CyanogenMod 11S. Instead, you’ll be getting Oppo’s ColorOS, though we’re assured the phone can be flashed to CyanogenMod with ease.

Wondering if OppoMart is a safe place to buy? They’re pretty reputable from what our findings show, though reputability and reliability are two different things. If you don’t mind taking a risk on a little-known retailer and don’t mind the snags mentioned above, then by all means order one. Otherwise, keep your fingers crossed that the invitation circus OnePlus has been putting on is put to an end soon.

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  1. Yeah, no thanks

  2. The White version is only $300, so it’s a $100 hike.

  3. Uhm, that is odd.

  4. Yeah, their $399 pricing is actually a $100 jump from the phone’s official price, considering it’s only for the 16GB variant.

    I’m still game to get this phone, eventually, but the advertised value proposition is among its strongest draws – this “opportunity” is a non-starter as far as I’m concerned =/.

    1. The boat has sailed a long time ago for me. I was originally very interested in this phone, but with all the delays and fumbles in communication around the invite system, I’m now headed toward the LG G3.

      1. You don’t think they had a valid argument when comparing the time other phones were unveiled to the times the phones were released?

        1. The phone is released, yet they’re still requiring these silly invites to buy one. I wasn’t going to buy this anyways, but if even if I wanted to I wouldn’t jump through all these hoops and beg, “Please OnePlus, please allow me the honor of buying your product!!!”. This is just an idiotic way of doing business. If they don’t want to do pre-orders, then have a waiting list that anybody can get on without jumping through hoops and begging.

  5. So you’re pretty much buying a slightly cheaper find 7…

  6. i’ll stick with my Nexus 5 i fixed the battery issue with 4.4.3 so i’m good

  7. make that $100 as the 16GB white is actually $300.

    not including shipping and customs duties.

  8. i bet this was oneplus’ plan all along. the general mass can’t have this mythical phone at the originally announced $299 except a few lucky ones. and yet somehow this “unaffiliated” retailer has enough stock to sell at a premium price. if you check aliexpress.com, there’s also plenty of listing for the 16GB going for $380+. this is another sign that these guys don’t have their sh!t together and are only in the business to screw with consumers.

  9. Don’t Settle!…LOL

  10. That’s crap. So this retailer gets stocked first before the individual customers that have been jumping through hoops and waiting? Really?

  11. How did the company get the “invites” but not the customers? Oneplus one sounds worse every day.

  12. I’ve waited this long. I can wait longer.

  13. I was super excited about this phone… I really hate to complain, but man… common.

  14. Sometimes I think I’m the only one here who’s life doesn’t revolve around the release of a phone. They announced the device and I thought it looked cool. There is no reason why my life should end in flames if I don’t have the phone now. When the release is to the public for orders I will be a good consumer and go buy it. Not get my panties all in a bundle. People obsess about these things far too much.

  15. Just got an e-mail asking me to play more games for the opportunity to pay them and buy this device.
    Is there an email I can reply back and tell them to be in touch when they are serious about selling me a device? I would gladly pay and wait for it come in the mail, but I’m done playing their stupid games…..

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