The mythical OnePlus One has started shipping


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Earlier this week we wrote about the OnePlus One being delayed again due to software issues. A lot of fingers were pointed, but it seems they have resolved the issues. We’ve been seeing a lot of reports from lucky recipients that OnePlus has finally started shipping handsets. OnePlus has recieved a lot of flack for their delays, but it has been less than 2 months since the One was announced.

The most recent delay was due to new OpenSSL bugs. OnePlus and CyanogenMod decided to address the issues and get them fixed before shipping out the phone. They figured it’s better to be late and safe. Unfortunately, consumers have not been so patient. If you are a lucky recipient of the OnePlus One you should be getting an email very soon. If you want to #NeverSettle you have to be ready to wait.

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Thanks Sam!

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  1. #SlowlyShipping

  2. #NeverSelling

  3. #NeverShipping

  4. #getALifeAllYouPeopleWhoActLikeKidsLiningUpOutsideTheCandyStoreAndCryingThat

    1. Get a life for typing something like the above.

    2. Down voted for not capitalizing the g in get.

  5. Who gives a ship!

    1. Generous pirates.

  6. despite all the vitriol oneplus is holding up their end of the bargain.

    my One has shipped as well. woohoo!

    1. It also seems like they’ve kept good communication about the delays. There are plenty of other companies that simply would have left everyone in the dark.

      1. Pressy.
        Even though that’s not really a company..

  7. Announce early, ship late.

    Nothing new there.

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