Jun 13th, 2014

now gmail events

Google is making another push to make your life easier with Google Now. The latest update adds the ability to offer event suggestions based on the content of your emails. Before you freak out about Google reading your emails, remember that they have been doing this for a while for flight information and shipping updates. You don’t have to opt-in to this.

Google Now has been suggesting events based on your location, but now it will make those suggestions more personal. If someone invites you to a party Google will ask if you want the event in your calendar. This functionality is currently rolling out to users. To activate this card you can find it in the “Everything else” section of the Now settings.

Do you allow Google to go through your emails for information? There is a lot of awesome stuff that Google can do with that info, but some people are wary of it. Calendar events is just the latest in a long list of features that require your email information. Should Google branch out to read things like Hangouts and Google+? Do you prefer privacy or cool features?

[via AP]

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