OnePlus One delayed yet again due to software issues


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After creating a lot of hype for themselves, and showing off an exciting device, the tide has shifted for OnePlus. They have had countless issues and delays with the OnePlus One. Prospective customers are getting impatient and upset. Unfortunately for OnePlus, yet another issue has delayed the phone again. This time it has to do with CyanogenMod and the software.

Invites for the device were supposed to go out in May, but software bugs held them back. The most recent delay is also due to software problems. It recently recieved a major software update, and now CyanogenMod and OnePlus are working on perfecting it. OnePlus says:

we can’t yet confirm the exact date that the phone will ship. We are tirelessly working to make the One the phone you’ve been waiting for and so we’re going to hold off until we know that everything runs smoothly before sending them off.”

Before we all rush to bash OnePlus again let’s remember that CyanogenMod is in this too. They are responsible for the software on the OnePlus One, which has been causing delays. With all the hypebeasting that OnePlus did on social media it’s easy to backlash. They are still a small start-up company that has never released a phone before. Problems are inevitable.

Have your thoughts on the OnePlus One changed at all?

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  1. Sorry, but their name is on the phone. They chose to overhype the thing. They’re ultimately responsible for not delivering. It doesn’t matter how big or small your company is. If you make promises that you cannot deliver on time after time, it’s going to cost you. Being small and having no reputation is even more of a reason to deliver the first time out or just keep your mouth shut to begin with.

    A large company that’s established some brand loyalty can experience some missed expectations since their customers have some past experience to go one. Here there is none, so all we have is a company that shows they put hype over testing.

    1. well said! at this point, nobody gives a s— about the oneminus one

      1. Everyone should just get an M8 !!

    2. except they have yet to break their late june promise as it’s only the 10th.

      1. “Large Batch – Late May/Early June”

        Where is the large batch? And don’t tell me the couple hundred people that received invites. That’s a minuscule batch.

  2. I think that Gingerbread was the last time that the CM team released a “stable” firmware for a current Android revision. Since ICS, they’ve always been in a beta stage while the next Android version was rolling out. So if OnePlus honestly thought that the CM team would be able to give them stable firmware to ship a device, they seriously deluded themselves.

    Don’t get me wrong. I love what CM does. And they support many phones longer than their manufacturers do. However, they’re not good with timely updates. That’s their weakness, and why they shouldn’t be the primary option on a shipping device.

    1. Brutal but so very true.

  3. Phone is way too big for my needs anyway. Moto X Plus One please.

  4. It’s June when the company said the phone would be released so I will wait to see what they do this month. They’re trying to do something that no one else is in that they are trying to build a phone for the Android enthusiast, which should be commended.

    1. We’ve seen this before. It was called the Geeksphone. When you market a product to the enthusiast crowd, you reduce your potential sales. This is because the enthusiast crowd is even more diverse than the mainstream crowd, and harder to please. Not every enthusiast will go for this phone. The size, coupled with the lack of removable storage and a removable battery will turn off many. It doesn’t matter if YOU (the individual reading this post, not the person I’m responding to) like the phone. What matters is how many people purchase it. And if history is any indicator, products marketed at enthusiasts tend to not sell in high volume.

      Also, marketing primarily at the US is stupid. You do not ship an unlocked phone, regardless of the price, in the biggest carrier-subsidy country and expect to succeed. In the US, you pretty much have to go through the carriers, with unlocked/developer models as a second thought.

      1. “Marketing primarily at the US?” They’re targeting 16 launch countries which includes the US.

        1. That was poor wording on my part. Allow me to clarify. First, I stated “primarily,” and not “exclusively.” Their website is in English. Their promotions so far have been USA exclusive. And all indications are that when invites do go out, USA customers will get first crack.

          However, my post was meant as a broader statement on niche products. And for this, I did not expand on my thoughts properly. But there are other examples of failing to market to the proper countries with phones that are sold off subsidy. The Google Play Store, for example, does not yet sell Google Play Editions outside of the USA. Most people don’t understand the benefit of a GPE, so why would they spend $699 for the One M8 through Google when they can get it from their carrier for $199? And as for carriers now doing T-Mobile’s pricing model, $0 down + $26.50/month for 24 months is easier to swallow than $699 up front (it’s also cheaper, at $636 in the long run).

          Bottom line is that niche/enthusiast products often fail because they target a small market, but end up needing a large market to succeed. There are plenty of niche products that succeed, but enthusiast smart phones haven’t yet.

  5. No one really cares anymore

  6. All the people that have One Plus invites should have already known that they were going to run into some delays. Established phone manufacturers have inevitable delays even with all the right infrastructure in place.

  7. One+ delayed?

    1. Hahahaha……epic!

    2. hahahahha ohh wow that was good.

  8. The G3 is looking more and more attractive.

    1. double the price though…

      1. But no silly invite required and consumers can walk into many retailers to purchase it.

  9. lol, i knew this device would never make it into the general public in time~ By the time it comes out, it’s probably obsolete! Epic Fail!
    The truth is, they probably don’t even have the HW available but tried to blame it on the SW to make it sound like the phones will be quickly available again, LOL!

  10. probably related to the yellowing on the bottom of the screen on the OPPO Find 7 (they use the same screen). I’ve read that it could be a software issue, but even if it wasn’t, I think they’d still say it was one.

  11. It reminds me of the Notions Ink Adam tablet. That thing was hyped up, and became a complete bust. Anyone who gets the Adam 2 should be shot!

  12. I think CM may have bitten off more than they can chew.

  13. I will wait on my invite. I would still like to get one of these phones. I know they are a startup and this is the first attempt. I think this group has big potential. Anyone that gets an android device is facing a possibility of issues. A lot of phones get released with bugs in software. I love my Samsung note 2 and it has been for me the best bug free phone I have ever had. I had 3 epics, 4 gs3, 2 HTC hero, only one note 2 and still works flawlessly. I hope I didn’t just jinx it. If they want to take a little bit longer and make sure that the bugs are gone I am fine with it. I would rather wait and get a great phone then have to return 4 of them.

  14. Bang bang! Never released a phone? They’re pretty much Oppo with a sticker on top, so they can take the blame.

    Cyanogen is the one to blame now tho, which makes me question if their software will be 100% and not some beta test.

  15. Back in the old days when the only Android phone was the G1, CyangenMod was the bomb. It kicked ass on the Nexus One also. But it’s lost its way. I recently installed CM 11 on my Galaxy Nexus and the lag I experienced with almost everything was intolerable. But, ok, KitKat isn’t meant for the Galaxy Nexus. So I just put on CM 10 and its just as bad. I’ll be going back to stock this weekend.

    OnePlus made a mistake choosing CyanogenMod. It’s time has passed. Stock Android has come so far since those old days.

    1. After a full wipe of my GNex CM11 ran perfect. I updated to the M8 because of the battery and terrible LTE radios in the GNex. If it weren’t for that I would still be using my GNex.

    2. Um, as far as I know OnePlus is made by CyanogenMod, they didnt choose anything.

      1. OnePlus is not made by or owned by CM. OnePlus does the hardware and they partnered with CM for the software.

  16. “Don’t settle” for waiting…lol. I admire OnePlus One trying to give consumers a better experience, but their marketing team should be fired. Either that or one hand didn’t speak to the other because if they couldn’t fulfill delivery and expected this much delay, they should’ve held off the unveiling.

  17. all good news :)

  18. #catastrophe

  19. They are running out of excuses and stupid marketing ideas. Tune in for the next episode of “a failure in the making”.

  20. By the time I have the ability to purchase a OnePlus One, I will no longer want it. I am not an impatient person, but that time has just about come. The hype is dead for me and I am just not that excited anymore.

  21. They should better shut, and sell their phone when it was available… Is there a better to kill hype on a phone… OnePlus went over the new frontier…

  22. I’ll still get one when available.
    I’d rather they get it right,or,as close to perfect as reasonably possible,than get something akin to the MOTOROLA PHOTON:

    Beautiful phone,great hardware,but,a ClusterF**K on software & promised support from Day One:

    It’s not as if any of us are being left at the altar by OnePlus.
    If you actually feel that way,get a grip,move on & get another phone……………..

    1. Thats what you get for buying anything from motorolla and especially something called “photon”

  23. I too was really hyped. Now, not so much. I’ll get whichever one comes first, either the 1+ or the iPhone 6.

    1. talk about opposite ends of the spectrum…damn lol

    2. Just get an M8, youll be very happy.

    3. Now you’re just talking crazy.

  24. these things happen. they’ll take even more crap from shipping a broken device than holding off to iron out kinks.

    they”re still on target for late june.

  25. Cyanogen strikes again…. yet another reason why I gave up flashing their software. Someone get me some RAID because its looking like a #bugfest

  26. So disappointing, Cyanogen had a chance to shine here and they’ve blown it.

  27. Their invite system should be taught in business school as a case study in failed marketing stunts. The comments on their Facebook page are a P.R. disaster.

    1. It wasn’t really a “stunt” it was required based on their company size and age as well as production abilities and logistics. That being said, they should have waited before even announcing it.

  28. OnePlus One #NeverSelling

  29. Dead on Arrival!! Bye Bye One+One

  30. Sadly I believe the days of Cyanogen being relevant are fading quickly. I think they’re spreading themselves to thin trying to develop for so many devices. I regretted installing it shortly after I did last year when I purchased my Galaxy S4 and Kitkat versions have been just as disappointing. The manufacturers are catching up but all of their bloatware is the problem. I’ve ran Cyanogenmod on every Android phone I’ve owned since the G1 but I don’t think I’ll install it or any other mod on my next unit. Hopefully they will go just OnePlus One, that might make them more appealing in the future.

  31. I could laugh and say I told ya so, but I wont, ill just laugh.

    1. I’ve noticed that you’ve been braver/dumber since Disqus made down votes invisible…

      1. I have no idea who you are so that should tell you something. Now, on subject, im not alone in my thoughts here so how exactly am i dumb ? I never cared about downvotes. Now dont you have a bandwagon to jump on somewhere?

        1. ” I never cared about downvotes.”

          You used to do nothing but whine about downvotes on Phandroid, until downvotes got hidden. But since you’ll likely deny it, here’s two of your downvote rants. Wasn’t hard to find, since I don’t post often. I just looked at my history and found the two replies that I gave you.

          There were a lot more rants about downvotes form you back then. I just never bothered replying. You always were a funny one (and not funny as in a comedian, but funny as in outright retarded). Please keep posing. I need the laugh :)

          EDIT: Seems you’re already aware of the rants that you previously denied. You deleted at least one of your responses to me. I’ll take that as an admission, which is the first smart thing you’ve done.

          1. You seem to have a very unnatural focus on me. Very creepy dude. I havent deleted anything so there goes your theory on that one. I wont ask about previous posts which you think were “retarded” because i dont need you stalking me anymore with links. So do me a favor, if you dont like what i write dont respond. And please get a life, a girlfriend, a new lube. Just go away, ok ?

          2. “You seem to have a very unnatural focus on me.”

            Not at all, just called you out once for being the lying coward that you are. It’s fun.

            “I havent deleted anything so there goes your theory on that one.”

            You did, and you’ve already been caught lying.

            “I wont ask about previous posts which you think were “retarded” because i dont need you stalking me anymore with links.”

            Translation – You know that I can call you on your lies, so you don’t want to give me the opportunity. Second smart thing you’ve said. /golfclap

            “So do me a favor, if you dont like what i write dont respond.”

            But then I wouldn’t get the comedic gold that I get from your responses. You’re too much fun!

          3. Sick, sad, loser, now im flagging your post.

          4. I’m allowed to reply to you, and nothing that I’ve said is untrue. In your own words: ” if you dont like what i write dont respond.”

    2. I’m right there laughing with you. Didn’t fall for that vaporware for 1 second.

  32. Well, at least they are trying to get it right before shipping, unlike some manufacturers that ship knowing there is a bug, and fixing it later. Yeah, they probably should have been a little more open about the ship date, but still, I’d rather have a 99% bug free device, than a 70% bug free device.

  33. I don’t blame them for holding off releasing until issues are solved. I do blame them for over-hyping WAY too early. Maybe they should have done more secret testing before firing up the hype machine. Hype without delivering eventuals fades away.

  34. A few days behind schedule, big deal, Relax! Won’t be long now, OS Cyanogen 11S is final as of today.

    1. That doesn’t mean it’s bug-free

  35. “They are still a small start-up company that has never released a phone before”

    With OnePlus essentially being Oppo, they’re a little bit more ahead of the curve than that.

  36. I’m glad they are perfecting the device with that said they still shouldn’t have been a*hats when they posted launch comparisons.

  37. Considering how buggy CM11 is this isn’t surprising. I tried M7 last night, what a POS.

  38. Why would I want sharp square icons that will cut me?

    1. Thats just a theme. You can change it and the default icon pack is stock android

  39. I’m surprised it has even got this far. This was going to be a flop from the beginning. CM never has stability. It will never change. Everyday users aren’t going to put up with that kind of buggy software. This phone would be only for the enthusiasts and I find it hard to believe they could profit from that.

    I stopped using custom ROMs long ago because the benefits didn’t outweigh the annoying bugs.

  40. They are no small startup. It is a sister company of Oppo. They outsourced the production to Oppo. The only thing they need to take care of is marketing and communication. OnePlus created intentionally this hype around the OPO, now that they under deliver after over promising they have to live with the criticism.

  41. #Nevershipping

  42. #neverselling

  43. #Nevergettingit

  44. WAS promising. then… over-promised and over-hyped.

    now… turning into possible vapourware.

    specs-wise, they really don’t have much to say anymore. the are no longer “flagship-killer” specs. at best, they are on par with some of the flagships we have now.

    price-wise, they are still the best. nothing beats their price (for now). but, availability is another matter. made worse is the fact that while they said they don’t want their phones to enrich scalpers, look at what some China sites are doing,,, selling the phones to international market at a high price.

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