Jun 13th, 2014

If you watched The Daily Show last night,  you would have seen a handful of brave Google Glass Explorers who volunteered to appear in a segment called “Glass Half Empty.” The skit focused on the recent trend of Google Glass-wearers being asked to leave certain establishments, and the “discrimination” they face.

The skit starts out like a report on discrimination, but quickly falls off the tracks when the interviewer realizes these people were simply asked to remove Glass. The interviewer asks numerous questions about why they choose to wear Glass, what it does, and why a regular smartphone is not enough for them. It’s very accurate commentary on how the world sees Google Glass Explorers right now.

daily glass

At one point the interviewer tosses a verbal barb and then boils it down to a legitimate question “Let’s put aside that these glasses are just f***ing stupid. What is it about this (interviewer looks down at his phone) that’s too much for you?” Most people would agree with the interviewer in that a regular smartphone is more than enough. Explorers, however, are not most people. When you are on the bleeding edge of technology you will always run into detractors. Let’s not forget this is the same exact show that poked fun at the camera phone back in the day.

Glass Daily

Google Glass is fighting to be accepted, just like every new technology has had to do at one time. One of the Explorers in the video, Cecilia Abadie, even went to court for wearing Glass while driving. We were there to report on her great victory. Some states are already banning Google Glass while driving, while others have ruled it’s fine. Airlines are also up in the air about allowing Glass on flights.

At the end of the day The Daily Show is just trying to be funny. We’re sure many of the writers would agree that Glass will soon be a normal thing. Right now, however, it’s not, and they will surely poke fun at that. What do you think about the skit and Google Glass in general?

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