Facebook Messenger can send 15 second videos in latest beta


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If you’re an avid user of Facebook Messenger you may be interested to know about a few upcoming features. The beta was recently updated to version (the public app is on version 5.0). Most of the updates don’t add much, but this one added two cool new features: videos and “big likes.”

It has always been possible to quickly share photos with the built-in camera viewfinder, but now you can also share 15 second videos. Instead of tapping the shutter button you can hold it down to record. This joins the ability to send voice messages, stickers, and of course photos. The other thing that you can send is the “Like” button, which also got updated.

Facebook Messenger has an ever-present thumbs-up button so you can quickly like a message. In the latest update you can long press on the thumb and watch it grow. You can send small, medium, or large-sized “likes.” It just depends on how much you like the message you received. To join the Facebook Messenger beta head on over to this Google Group and follow the instructions.

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