New Glassware: Shop X for Google Glass helps make grocery shopping a pain-free experience


Shop X Glassware Google Glass

As somewhat of a niche product, there are a few things that Google Glass can do exceptionally well. One of those is being able to display information — right front of your face — leaving your hands to do other tasks. Like push a shopping cart full of kids through your local grocer.

New to the Glassware store is an app called Shop X and as the name suggests, looks to make your grocery shopping just a little easier. After enabling the Glassware, you can create a shopping list purely by voice. Speaking “Ok Glass, take a note” then speaking out your shopping list will get things started (or you can create a list online via their site).

Your shopping list is synced online and can be viewed on your Google Glasses. From there, Shop X will intelligently organize your shopping into category cards, allowing you to either pin cards or check them off your list by tapping the touchpad. Simple, but functional.

Shop X is fresh out the Google Glass Glassware store, and as always, it’s completely free to enable on your headset.

[Shop X Glassware]

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  1. Shared Google Doc, pinned to your phone’s homepage. Far easier.

    1. If you already bought Glass, you’re not going to try to o use your phone. You’re going to milk every last thing out of the device you paid $1,500 for.

    2. Not really hands free operation though is it. I wish supermarket trolleys had phone docks to suit this idea.

  2. Solution looking for a problem DOA!

  3. I actually think this would be very handy. Often I am fumbling with my phone to check off items on my list. Getting it out of my pocket, turning it on, checking the item, turning it off and putting it back in my pocket; all whilst trying to stop the trolley veering off on its own into the back of someone else. With Glass, it’d cut all of this out.

  4. it would be even better if it somehow knew which aisle in which store you were in and showed you only the items you need for the aisle you are currently in. Now THAT I would use. So tired of having to go back a few aisles because I noticed I missed something.

  5. my wife and i have been shopping like this for years and for the past 2 years, a tablet in the cart, my wife on the phone and me wearing a bluetooth headset.

    with google glass it would only get better.


  6. I had no idea shopping was such a painful experience. Thank you Phandroid, I’m going to drop $1500 on a digital shopping list right now, to alleviate some of that agony of having so much money in my pocket.

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