Jun 9th, 2014

Shop X Glassware Google Glass

As somewhat of a niche product, there are a few things that Google Glass can do exceptionally well. One of those is being able to display information — right front of your face — leaving your hands to do other tasks. Like push a shopping cart full of kids through your local grocer.

New to the Glassware store is an app called Shop X and as the name suggests, looks to make your grocery shopping just a little easier. After enabling the Glassware, you can create a shopping list purely by voice. Speaking “Ok Glass, take a note” then speaking out your shopping list will get things started (or you can create a list online via their site).

Your shopping list is synced online and can be viewed on your Google Glasses. From there, Shop X will intelligently organize your shopping into category cards, allowing you to either pin cards or check them off your list by tapping the touchpad. Simple, but functional.

Shop X is fresh out the Google Glass Glassware store, and as always, it’s completely free to enable on your headset.

[Shop X Glassware]

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