Rock a sweet pornstache with Netflix’s own ‘Orange Is The New App’ for Android


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There’s no doubt Netflix knocked it out of the ballpark with the release of their exclusive new show, Orange Is the New Black. We’re sure by now you’ve heard all the hype. A intricate drama/dark-comedy about life for a woman in the big house, the 2nd season aired only a few days ago.

To help capitalize on the show’s success, the folks at Netflix have released their very first app outside of the official Netflix app, with “Orange Is The New App” now available on Google Play. Really, the app doesn’t offer much outside a few photos to ‘shop yourself into the show. We would have loved to see some 2nd screen functionality of some sort, but Netflix is keeping things simple, allowing fans of the show to promote the show on their social networks and get people talking.

OITNB Orange is the new app screenshots

For fans of the show that haven’t finished the second season, we’d recommend holding off. Apparently there are a few small spoilers so if you’re a stickler about that sorta stuff, wait until you’re finished binge watching the entire season in a single sitting (my girlfriend can attest to this). Cheers.

Download on Google Play: Orange Is The New App

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  1. Watched season 2 in 2 days Great Show , I hope it don’t take long to being on season 3

    1. Then ending had me like :O

  2. Watched the first season and liked it OK. Stopped watching season 2 after ep. 2. Just completely sucks!

    1. Same here. The end of one was set up pretty well. Just trying to do too many back stories and tastyees is a snooze fest.

  3. The show is awesome. I finished season 2 on sunday. I still like house of cards slightly more, but orange is the new black is definitely up there. With Game of thrones, these are the 3 shows that made me happy this year.
    Ok, and re-watching house as well…..I can’t wait to get to 13:-D

  4. I need to watch this show…

  5. I read about this show and then didn’t watch it.

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