Jun 10th, 2014


Tablets have quickly become a normal thing to carry around in our every day lives. They come in handy on planes, the subway, and at home on the couch. The only problem with tablets is that they add yet another device to your collection. Most people now have a phone, a tablet, and some sort of PC. What if the tablet and phone could be the same device

Asus has tried to solve this problem with their PadFone devices. They allow you to dock the phone into a tablet and see all of your stuff on a bigger display. Samsung is trying to solve this problem in a completely different way. Instead of docking two devices together, they want the phone to be two devices at once. It sounds crazy, but the latest patent from Sammy shows how it could be done.

As you can see in the image above, the device has three displays that can fold out to the size of a tablet. When the displays are folded, like a tri-fold wallet, the device is a more pocketable phone size. You may think something like this is still far from becoming a reality, but news out of South Korea suggests that Samsung has a few prototypes. They also mention that the device will allegedly launch in 2015.

Would you be interested in a device like this? The potential is phenomenal. One device that can expand into a bigger device, yet still fit in your pocket. If that isn’t futuristic we don’t know what is. Who is ready to line up?

[via SamMobile]

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