Google tricks out Google Maps Street View for the 2014 World Cup


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We’re about a week away from the commencing of the big tournament known as the FIFA World Cup, and Google is preparing in a couple of different ways. Aside from forthcoming Google Now scores and schedules functionality and new Chromecast apps, they’re giving us a look at Brazil and the inside of several World Cup stadiums in all their glory through Google Maps Street View.

world cup brazil maps mobile

More than 100 locations in Brazil have been tricked out with indoor maps to make sure you can always get around, and if you aren’t lucky enough to attend you can get a first-hand look of it all as if you were there (but nothing beats actually being there, of course). It’s all available on either mobile or desktop, so be sure to check it out if you needed yet another reason to get hyped about kick-off.

[via Google]

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  1. Looks like the unfinished Arena de Sao Paulo Stadium isn’t available on street view yet. How much money do you think the USA would have to spend to be ready for a World Cup? Let’s count how many football stadiums we already use annually… FIFA = mafia

    1. What does that even mean!!

      1. Gr8 comment!

      2. Just a rambling of an old fella, don’t take it serious! Just trying to paint FIFA as a criminal organization. ;)

    2. What does that even mean!!

    3. I don’t think the USA would need to spend a lot of money to host a world cup, it already has the infrastructure. Stadiums there is many. Many of the American Football stadiums can be used to play the REAL Football. The world cup is the greatest sports event in the world.

      1. This is what many have been thinking which is a big surprise that Qatar beat us in the voting. You have 200 (and counting) Nepalese migrant workers dead working on WC contrustion projects and FIFA still thinks they should remain as hosts and even consider moving the tournament to the winter. It’s criminal. FIFA acts like they answer to nobody.

        1. Last thing I heard is supposedly Fifa was thinking about taking it away from Qatar because of some corruption scandal. Hopefully they’ll take it away from them and bring it here to the states, anyway, who is going to travel all the way to Qatar?

          1. The heat is insane, I’ve been there and all around the gulf during the Navy. I can’t imagine them being a suitable host for the WC. I hope Mr. Garcia and his team can dig up some true evidence and force the committee to re-vote on 2022. USA 2022!

  2. Shoutout to Nexus 5 photo

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