Fieldrunners, Frozen Synapse and Ittle Dew added to Humble Bundle PC and Android 10


humble bundle 10 update

Last week’s Humble Bundle PC and Android 10 brought some great games for low coin, including Fieldrunners 2, Breach and Clear, Metal Slug 3 and Skulls of the Shotgun. More games are typically added about a week later for those who opt to pay more than the average, and sure enough they’ve been revealed.

New to the roster is the original Fieldrunners, which features top-down shooting fun with great graphics and unique weapons. You’re also getting Frozen Synapse, a turn-based strategy game that’ll test your tactical thinking, and Ittle dew, an adventure game with great puzzles, charming graphics and a pretty enjoyable story.

All of it is available if you pay at least $4.91 (as of the time of this writing). You’ll be getting downloads for all major PC platforms (Windows, Linux and Mac) and Android, as well as soundtracks for each respective game if you’re into that sort of stuff. You only have about 5 days to get in on it so be sure to check it out right here before it’s too late.

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  1. These Humble Bundle sales help me understand what these “Steam sales” I keep hearing about.

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