WatchESPN, MLS, Crunhyroll and Google+ Photos come to Chromecast


Chromecast Featured ready to cast

Chromecast users have a few new apps to sink their teeth into starting today. This update is more for sports fans than anyone else, though folks who like to share photos on the big screen and watch anime will find nice functionality, as well.

For sports, Google is getting us ready for World Cup season as we now have access to WatchESPN and Major League Soccer (that last one being important if you need to get psyched up ahead of time). It’ll also be good for basketball fans tuning into the NBA Finals.

If you happen to want to share some of your Google+ photos with your family and friends on the big screen, you’ll now be able to do that with a simple tap of the cast button inside the photos portion of the app. Finally, anime addicts are treated to Crunchyroll’s catalog of shows (which consists of 25,000 videos and 12,000 hours of otaku goodness).

Links to all these apps can be found straight ahead, or just jump into the Google Play app on your phone and update them to get the new functionality. Happy casting!

[WatchESPN, MLS, Crunchyroll, Google+ via Google]

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  1. I love “Crunhyroll!”

    1. I wish it has more known anime. Jus that.

  2. For a minute.. i thought it said “CrunchyRoll” :D

    1. They spelled it wrong in the title it is called Crunchyroll

  3. I’d be interested in the quality of ESPN since I’m looking to kick comcast since they’re douchebags.

    1. unfortunately ESPN360 requires that you have a cable provider, so if you ditch Comcrap then you also lose ESPN360

  4. Just installed CR update and I don’t see anything for Chromecast within the app.


    1. It’s working now, the Chromecast icon decided to show itself.

      But not very impressed, it’s still in SD resolution and looks really blurry on my 50″ TV.

      We need at least 720p, :(

      1. Looks good on Google tv. Is the quality lower than that on Chromecast? If so that sucks

        1. It looks like it’s SD resolution, not even 480p so it’s pretty horrible.

          They really need to increase it.

          1. are you a subscriber? i know on the site hd is for subs only

          2. Yep and I’m signed in.

    2. The Chromecast is a lie.

  5. And STILL no twitch.

  6. Lol ESPN just in time for the end of their playoff coverage

    1. LoL IKR…

    2. I think it’s more online with just being in time for the World Cup

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