Jun 4th, 2014

One of the basic tips you’ll learn as a soldier in basic training is that you never compromise your cover or leave yourself open to enemy fire. Sad, that, considering it’s pretty hard to accurately hit targets when you’re trying to dodge bullets of their own.

But Google Glass could eventually change all of that. Startup TrackingPoint is experimenting with augmented reality technology using Google Glass to help soldiers see what they’re shooting at around that concrete wall. The Google Glass app displays a video feed from the camera sensor mounted on the scope of the rifle, giving soldiers an accurate look at their target without having to expose themselves.

google glass tracking point

We imagine it’s nothing that can’t be done on a computer monitor, but the portability and ease of Google Glass probably trumps that solution 10-fold. We’re not sure if this will ever find a solid place in military, but you can bet someone is taking notes — the armies of the world have already started figuring out ways to use all this new technology to their benefit. Find a very cool promo video of it in action sitting above.

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