Jun 4th, 2014

Apple had a lot to say about Android during their WWDC 2014 keynote this past Monday, but what they couldn’t say was that they owned US (or even worldwide) market share for smartphone operating systems. ComScore has reaffirmed those US numbers with this timely report for the three month average ending April 2014.

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So how do all the big guys stack up? It’s more of the same — Android has a considerable lead overall, but Apple is still the top manufacturer. Specifically, Android saw decent increase to 52.5% market share in the period compared to the 51.7% in the three months leading up to the end of January. Apple, on the other hand, took a 0.2% decline going from 41.6% to 41.4%. That’s not nearly enough of a drop to make Apple start sweating, but it’s a drop nonetheless.

Blackberry took another hit this month, dropping to 2.5% from 3.1%. Despite that hit (which is pretty big considering their overall share of the pie) they still command a fourth place spot. Microsoft slightly improved to 3.3%, and Symbian is pretty much non-existent at this point.

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Things are a bit different on the OEM side, of course. Apple enjoys a clear lead at 41.4%, while Samsung controls most of the Android territory with a 1% increase to 27.7%. LG, Motorola and HTC all round out the list in that order, with all of them suffering slight declines. It’s interesting to see Motorola still beating out HTC, though those numbers likely don’t fully reflect the launch of the HTC One M8 at the end of April.

It’s unlikely that these numbers will change significantly in the next period, though we imagine the launch of the next iPhone will shake things up quite a bit. Until then, Apple still has to deal with the fact that Android is top dog in their home turf. Head to the source for the full report.

[via ComScore]

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