Android, Samsung see slight increase in US market share while Apple takes small hit


Apple had a lot to say about Android during their WWDC 2014 keynote this past Monday, but what they couldn’t say was that they owned US (or even worldwide) market share for smartphone operating systems. ComScore has reaffirmed those US numbers with this timely report for the three month average ending April 2014.

comscore us april 2014 vendors

So how do all the big guys stack up? It’s more of the same — Android has a considerable lead overall, but Apple is still the top manufacturer. Specifically, Android saw decent increase to 52.5% market share in the period compared to the 51.7% in the three months leading up to the end of January. Apple, on the other hand, took a 0.2% decline going from 41.6% to 41.4%. That’s not nearly enough of a drop to make Apple start sweating, but it’s a drop nonetheless.

Blackberry took another hit this month, dropping to 2.5% from 3.1%. Despite that hit (which is pretty big considering their overall share of the pie) they still command a fourth place spot. Microsoft slightly improved to 3.3%, and Symbian is pretty much non-existent at this point.

comscore us april 2014 oems

Things are a bit different on the OEM side, of course. Apple enjoys a clear lead at 41.4%, while Samsung controls most of the Android territory with a 1% increase to 27.7%. LG, Motorola and HTC all round out the list in that order, with all of them suffering slight declines. It’s interesting to see Motorola still beating out HTC, though those numbers likely don’t fully reflect the launch of the HTC One M8 at the end of April.

It’s unlikely that these numbers will change significantly in the next period, though we imagine the launch of the next iPhone will shake things up quite a bit. Until then, Apple still has to deal with the fact that Android is top dog in their home turf. Head to the source for the full report.

[via ComScore]

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  1. It’s sad that Apple is still so dominant in the US.

    1. Different strokes for different folks. Not everyone feels the same about their smartphone as android diehards and a lot of that market share isn’t thanks to androi superiority . I’m sure a good chunk of it is ppl who want a cheap basic phone for checking email and Facebook. Which android provides. And some people don’t have a seething hatred for apple.

      I expect these numbers to start shifting when apple finally releases bigger screens. I know a lot of android users who switched for that reason alone.

      1. I have nothing against Apple as a company, they’re in it for the money like everybody else.

        I just have no interest in their products, they’re boring.

        Samsung still leading Globally

        1. I doubt it will change much when Apple bump up screen sizes.

          1. Let’s hope so.

      2. So i guess that why Apple dropped a cheap version of the i phone 5s, the 5c

        1. The 5c was hyped to be low cost but I don’t think that’s what they were shooting for lol. That thing is a tween / ladies phone. I see a lot of them in My area and at the apple store those are the types of people I see buying them.

          I don’t see a low cost iPhone in apples future. Which is a mistake on their part. And as a result they will never get close to over taking android, but they’ve got a loyal enough following to remain profitable I believe. Especially if they keep up what we saw Monday and then take it a step further. They just need to find their footing and evolve into ” life after Steve jobs “

          1. If they do go ahead and make the rumored 4.7″ version of the iPhone, then I imagine Apple would make that the premium tier and keep their current 4″ form factor around as a “low end” tier. (They won’t actually CALL it that of course…) At that point, Apple might feel more comfortable about lowering the price on the smaller version and cutting into their excessive profit margin in order to extend their install base. If that happens, I would definitely expect to see the market share numbers shift.

          2. Interesting, what’s your take on the rumored 5.5 iPhone then? I still keep hearing that’s definitely going to happen but will be priced more than the iPhone 6.

      3. I agree with you about different strokes for different folks, but I do find it ironic that the reason my family stopped using iPhone is because we found it to be a basic phone, good for checking email and FB. When we switched to Android we found we were able to do more (e.g. widgets) and customize it (change icons and launcher app). Let each choose what they prefer and let there always be competition.

        1. I agree, and while I’ll give you that when I meant basic phone I meant the ones that aren’t anywhere close to flagship. iPhones are pretty basic but as android forces them to evolve they will become more complex ( but never open source ). What I meant was the phones like my wife brings home usually free on contract, right now she’s got a Motorola photon and before that a fossil of a samsung that looked like a blackberry ( yikes! )that was really terrible. They all run old versions of android but she’s ok with that cuz it’s free. I don’t even see her customize it or put widgets and there’s a lot of people like that.

      4. F%&$ you and the stork that flew you to the hospital.

        1. * claps * brilliant.

    2. Check out Apple’s market share in Japan. You will be very surprised.

      1. Yes, I’ve already seen that, They love iPhone’s in Japan but they are influenced a lot by the US.

        Globally Android and Samsung is leading market share but there are exceptions.

  2. Who are the 2.5% using blackberry???? Last time I saw one in the wild was last year

    1. I saw one Blackberry yesterday. It was a woman’s, likely work issued.

  3. It’s going to be really interesting to see the numbers after Apple releases the rumored 4.7″ and 5.5″ iPhones.

    1. Lol copying Samsung now I see but ios8 needs to catch up ..apps needs to be converted remember Steve limited the app rendering sizes to resolution

    2. I doubt it’ll be anything significant

    3. the screen size alone wont do much. The OS and apps need to be optimized for larger screens

  4. Windoze 3% dude I havent seen one person using that phone all must be in in dog piles .. I have seen few BB users.

    1. I see WPs every once in a while… not very often tho

    2. In US, yeah WP is a huge flop. But here in the Middle East, and im sure in a few other Asian countries, the 520 is doing decently well. The ultimate problem is selling high-end WPs.

    3. I have a co-worker who uses one, but that’s about all I’ve seen.

      1. Same here. I have three coworkers that use WP 920, 900, and 520. The sad part is, they get mad at me when I’m playing a cool game and it’s not on WP yet…

  5. android is the permanent king. As android has already reached 1080p apps will be even more better in android than ios in coming years. I dont see phones with more than 2560×1440 in the future at all.Android will be the first one to reach every resolution in every type of phone.

    1. Android will eventually fall to a better OS, but it won’t be from Apple or Microsoft.

      1. there is no other os which is free and open source and which can be manipulated so much to any taste other than android. Google sevices is what really makes android great. Without them other os’s will fail.

        1. No. What makes Android great is the freedom of choices among different phones and interfaces. Google services is simply the icing on top. Remember Google apps are also on iOS too.

      2. Tizen?

      3. Wow educate us ohh Oracle ..what you see in future ..ios8 wont work…big screen wont wont work…8.1 wont work…what then…aaah tizen

        1. Mango?

          1. Yea killer windows phone and missed it gawd

    2. I can’t wait for Android to be even more better. Will it include integrated grammar check.

      1. If you need grammar check you really need to read and proofread more. I can’t imagine what the next big update for Android will look and work like but I bet it’ll be great. I’m already excited about it.

  6. But nobody wants plastic and hardware buttons!!!1

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