LG G Watch system dump reveals Google Now images, clock face weather backgrounds, Snapdragon 400 processor, and more


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Earlier today we showed you the upcoming LG G Watch boot animation thanks to a leaked system dump that found it’s way onto the web. While digging around the system dump, we found all sorts of goodies to help tide you over until Android Wear devices finally make their debut.

The build.prop revealed that the LG G Watch sports an internal codename of ‘Dory’. If that name sounds familiar, that’s because Dory is the name of a fish from Finding Nemo. Google is fairly found of fishy device names for their Nexus line. This could mean that the LG G Watch is the reference device for Android Wear, backing up previous reports that the LG G Watch is Google’s Nexus Watch, so to speak. The G Watch is running Android 4.4W, where W most likely represents a specialized ‘Wear’ version of Android 4.4 KitKat. And lastly, the build.prop finally revealed that the G Watch will be using a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 (MSM8226) processor.

The system dump also revealed plenty of Google Now backgrounds, further detailing that this smartwatch will be all about Google Now integration and functionality. The images below were found inside ClockworkHomeGoogle.apk and point to being background images to be displayed during certain events or scenarios. You’ll find images for birthdays, flights, packages, travel, traffic, stock prices, tickets, messages, alerts, and more.

The next group of background images were all labeled as weather backgrounds and include an image for nearly every type of weather scenario you can think of from fog to sunlight to snow to typhoons. Since these are included in the same APK, so it’s probable that these backgrounds would appear on the watch face itself and not in a separate weather application, being triggered as your weather conditions change throughout the day.

The last group of background images included in ClockworkHomeGoogle.apk revealed images for various day and night events which include alarm, home, calendar, ‘Zen’, email, and stopwatch timers. Oh, there’s also an Alice background.

While digging through the rest of the system dump we were able to learn a bit more about Android Wear. It seems a ‘Zen’ mode will exist (3rd and 4th image above) that will disable notifications. You might be able to use your G Watch as a night stand alarm clock thanks to MicroDeskClock.apk. You’ll most likely be able to track your steps thanks to a built in pedometer system as well as track other modes of transportation. There seems to be a remote shutter function, which might allow your operate your camera on your smartphone for taking photos. There’s Google+ Signin assets as well as +1 buttons. And lastly, it seems like there’s support for Hangouts, calls, text messages, and other watch functions like an alarm, compass, stop watch, timer, and world clock.

That’s it for now. Let us know what you think in the comments while we dig through the rest of the system dump for more information.

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  1. The Moto 360 or LG Watch may be my first wearable purchase….

    1. I’m very excited. The hardware and software design are just both gorgeous. My Google Glass is jealous.

    2. Same here. So far, smartwatches haven’t been quite where I wanted them yet, but hopefully the LG watch or the Motorola watch will change that.

      I mean, who wouldn’t want a quad-core processor in their watch?

  2. My Pebble is ready to be replaced… Bring on the Wear

  3. I am interested in how long the 360 or LG will actually last. I have had the same two analog watches for 10 years. I know it wont last that long, but I don’t want to have to buy a new watch every two years either….

  4. Those wallpapers are pretty good looking, can they be ported to Nexus 5?

  5. The LG watch looks much better than the Mot*360. But im still waiting for what HTC or Google has to offer.

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