Here’s the plastic-clad HTC One E8


htc one e8

We’d heard HTC would be launching an alternate version of the HTC One M8 that housed a plastic chassis instead of the smooth metal we know and love. We thought it’d come to market as the HTC One M8 Ace, but unless this is an entirely different phone then the name has changed — this is the HTC One E8.

It’s plastic — polycarbonate plastic, to be exact — and it packs a lot of the same power that the HTC One M8 does. It has a 5-inch 1080p HD display, front-facing BoomSound speakers, a Snapdragon 801 processor, 2GB of RAM, a 2,600mAh battery and more.

What it doesn’t have in common with the HTC One M8 is an UltraPixel camera or depth sensor. Instead, you get a lone 13 megapixel sensor with a lone LED flash (which is joined by a 5 megapixel kit on the front). You’re also only getting 16GB of internal storage.

htc one e8 2

You’ll also get all the software features you’re probably familiar with in Android 4.4.2 and Sense 6 — namely, HTC Motion Launch, BlinkFeed and all of that other good stuff. HTC tells us it should be arriving in select markets in the early parts of this month, but we’ll have to wait a tad longer to get exact availability details. This could be a very nice alternative to the HTC One M8 if it comes in at the right price, so fingers crossed that there’s some real cash-saving incentive to go with this instead of just picking up the superior HTC One M8.

[via HTC]

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  1. wouldn’t be surprised if the camera on this ‘cut-price’ model is better than the m8’s.

    1. Depends on how you define better. The E8 will definitely crop better. The M8 will still take better bar/indoor photos and still work great for internet consumption.

      1. Apparently 99.9% people crop which is why they say the camera on the M8 sux.

        I have yet to see these bad quality photos.

      2. Although the m8 also sucks for using landscape photos as wallpapers… Therefore you often can’t use “wallpaper scrolling” found in the aosp launcher and many custom launchers.

    2. If you’re so worried about the camera I have an idea….. buy a camera!

      My m8 takes great photos besting the quality with the naked eye of my girlfriend’s s5 regularly.

  2. E8>M8

    1. fan of lighter phones?

      1. Fan of seeing HTC M8 super fanboys foam at the mouth upon hearing anyone say that a plastic device > metal one.

        1. I prefer heavier phones. IDC if others prefer plastic phones. I’m glad HTC is coming out with a plastic variant.

  3. I hope the 13mp isn’t the one on the hTC One Mini 2… that camera has horrendous performance from few reviews I read.

  4. Now that’s a nice premium looking phone. Should have kept to this design following the One X instead of the aluminum craze.

  5. Should be 300 less than the m8 right? Plastic instead of metal, thats what lg says anyways.

  6. So it has a sucky camera like the ones on galaxy s4 and s5?
    Still a good deal if it’s less than 500 bucks.

  7. Its much better designed than the M8. Thank god its more rectangular than the hideous oval M8. And, its got a 13MP camera…………..
    I think the better design and camera makes up for the plastic construction

    1. assuming the camera is actually better of course… and the design looks the same to me

    2. I would have preferred a more rectangular look too. But it’s still a fantastic device and great to hold

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