Report: LG G3 outselling Samsung Galaxy S5 3-to-1 in South Korea


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Some early sales numbers of have eeked out of Korean publication ETNews suggesting LG’s G3 is off to a very nice start. According to information they claim to have, the LG G3 is selling between 25,000 and 30,000 units per day since its launch on May 28th. The first takeaway alone was impressive — this was twice as fast as the LG G2 was selling when it first launched.

But even more staggering is the publication’s claims that the LG G3 is outselling the Samsung Galaxy S5 3-to-1 in the same launch period. The Samsung Galaxy S5 is said to have sold 7,000 to 8,000 per day in its launch. Our early thoughts have us wondering if this is simply an anomaly or something more. Has LG finally crafted a phone that people can get excited for and get behind? Or is this a one-off result in their home turf?

The former scenario certainly is plausible with LG being one of the first OEMs to mass produce a flagship smartphone with a Quad HD display inside — throw that fact into a couple of marketing bulletins and it could heavily sway public opinion. Couple that with improved build quality, cutting edge internals and new features, and we’d say that’s a fine recipe for success.

It’s needless to say that LG still has a lot of work to do if they want to catch the Samsung Galaxy S5, which has already launched in over 100 countries around the world. And there’s no telling if LG will enjoy the same success in other regions as they have at home.

One thing’s for sure, though — they’re probably feeling real nice right now, and they’ll want to make sure the momentum continues to roll as they look to launch in even more markets starting later this month. In the meantime, satiate your appetite for this treat by watching our hands-on video right here.

[via PhoneArena]

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  1. Sorry to say, but the compassion is irrelevant.
    When the Galaxy S5 launched here in Korea, the only 3 network operators were under a 1 month business suspension, meaning that they couldn’t take any new contracts from customers or provide any phone replacements/upgrades.

    So of course, the number of sold Galaxy S5 is much much lower.

    1. LG G3 still wipes the floor with the S5.
      What you’re saying is un-true; it might be a cause, but G3 is still better.

      1. That’s untrue ?
        Dumb ass, I live in Korea.

        Get your facts straight.

        1. lol Foramex just got owned

          1. In what way? Telling the truth?

          2. What truth did you tell?

          3. Looks like he stated the truth about why the sales numbers DO matter.

          4. Nobody stated that they did not count. Like statistics, what Hexo questioned was the comparison which seems to not take in consideration context.

          5. Saying smart words doesn’t make you smart. I call BS on you.

          6. It is common a trait for the uneducated to feel threaten by those of higher education. Seems to be highly applicable to this scene.

          7. And that’s why you respond to me like that?
            It’s OK- You can still get your education, I can even chip in and help you.
            Dropping out at 4th grade doesn’t mean you’re a bad person!

          8. Good attempt to derison. A little unoriginal. Keep up the good work. You’ll get better one day. I believe in you.

          9. Your poor grammar is showing, proof to my point

          10. Cool story

          11. He came. He started the debate. He left.
            Why are you all still calling each other out?

          12. let’s all get along boys

          13. Okay, that’s a really good argument, considering the fact that I’m pretty sure English is not Borbor’s first language. Also, if you’re going to use grammar as an argument for your intellectual superiority over another, you should probably make sure you’ve made absolutely zero grammatical or spelling mistakes in your entire argument. This is not the case for you.

          14. Lol dude looks like Foramex owned you right back

          15. Lol dude looks like Foramex owned you right back

          16. Not really. Didn’t say much.

          17. Just owned you to the floor

          18. Not really. You’re just using words to words.

          19. And so are you. Guess we’re even, except for me being on the top

          20. Not really. I am just lowering my level of discussion such that you don’t feel too belittled. What’s your obsession with being on top? Is there some inferiority complex you are dealing with? Do you need some to vent to? I am always open to help those in need.

          21. You sound like a pedophile, get away from me… NOW

          22. Inferiority complex + victim mentality. You’re psychological issues seem to pile up.

          23. And you want to *help* me with it?
            Heck, you just proved my previous comment perv

          24. Not really. Your immaturity shines through your lexicon.

          25. People tend to point their own issues with themselves at other people, which you are clearly currently doing…
            I’m going to be the grown-up and end this conversation right now.
            I know you’ll check every five minutes to see if I responded to your child-ish comments, but don’t worry, you can get over it.
            p.s. notice you got carried into a long comment series, dropping your comment-upvotes ratio to almost 1:1

          26. Cool story.

        2. I sense a fan boy?
          Koreans don’t have better knowledge of phone… sorry Mr.

          1. I live in US, with Google, and I knew this was true months ago.

          2. Right, what Hexo is saying is true. That news broke out to US news medias couple of months ago. So comparing only first month sales is misleading. I think it’s better to look at first 3 months of sales and also globally, not just in Korea.

          3. I tend to agree with Foramex.

          4. I tend to agree with Foramex: It might not be a huge sign, but first day sales definitely tell a thing or two.

          5. It’s a sign but does take in consideration the context. Hexo pointed out what a situation that definitely affected the first week sales of the SGS5. To ignore that is ignorance.

          6. You’re ignorant

          7. Cool story bro

          8. Thanks. I also do events, weddings, bar-mitzvas, whatever

          9. Oh yeah? That’s excellent. Can I have your business card? My friends are getting married soon. They higly appreciate your services (assuming they are good to start with)

          10. “Koreans don’t have better knowledge of phone” that’s some bias POS

          11. lol I don’t think he didn’t mean it’s offensive, he just stated an opinion, and he answered by telling me he lives in Korea, while it doesn’t really have a connection to the discussion

          12. It does. He was trying to bring more credibility to his statement. Whether that is a strong connection, that is to be debated.

          13. How is living in Korea related might I humbly ask?

          14. It’s an appeal to credibility. The logic is that since the speaker is from Korea, he/she knows more about Korean related issues than a foreigner. Is this a form of formal fallacy, yes. Does this mean the commenter was wrong. Not necessarily if the one being debated against made a weaker statement.

          15. And he stated exactly why this issues don’t matter.
            I see you have a really hard time getting things don’t you?

          16. No, he did not.

          17. You really are an idiot.

        3. I smell bs . just google Koreans carriers selling gs5 early

  2. I hope G3 lives up to its hypes. I will most likely get a G3 though.

  3. I have decided the G3 is my next phone and not the S5 for the mere fact that Samsung seems to be making a shift away from Android.

    1. A 3rd OS will be nice for competition but unfortunately it will only be in Samsung products only. Still another option.

      1. 3rd? Wait, are you forgetting W… No, forget it indeed.

  4. Even i have decided to go for lg g3 but i am still waiting for the lg g3 mini , From the specification here
    it looks quite interesting !! i am waiting for lg to make it official

  5. If all the force that samsung is going away from Android but they have stated that they aren’t then we shall see. Who knows… I am just waiting for a better phone than the s5 from Samsung with Android.

  6. I guess Samsung isn’t outspending LG in marketing on their home turf to convince people to buy their crap. Ok, that’s good crap….but still it’s older than G3.

  7. Good. I hope LG keep selling this way…. It prolly go make Samsung put more thought into there S6 . But then again LG is one of the top brands offering such good screw resolution and design so I expect it to really sell

  8. Glad lg has fixed their image. My fiancee went to Samsung after T-Mobile gave her a lg mytouch. Worst piece of crap phone ever built now she is stuck in touch wiz and vanilla android is weird to her. As for me my Optimus V from V-mobile started me on an all lg trend minus the launcher.

  9. One cannot rise without the the other falling. #equilibrium

  10. I want.

  11. I dont know, G3 or OPO. Man I am torn and I havent felt like this for some time now.

    1. Get both ;)

    2. Don’t you need an invite to get the Oppo one plus one?

    3. M8 dude

  12. Ah, if only Samsung could get their designs right. That’s their only missing link that I see.

  13. I hope this trend continues. With Samsung pushing Tizen so much, we need another big player in the Android game.

  14. Wtf happened here?

  15. Too bad the Koreans don’t have the Droid MAXX with its amazing battery life

    1. My M8 has a better soul than you.

      1. Not to be rude, but seriously, what’s with all the M8 fanboyism?

  16. HTC One M8 > LG G3 >>>>>>>>>> Droid Razr Maxx > Galaxy S5

  17. Please LG, take over as #1 Android manufacturer. We know you have the muscle, now keep on flexing.

    1. The only way they can win big time, if they start taken care of their updates like the others. No one wants to buy a phone and no update for it.

      1. LG G2 got Kit Kat before Galaxy S4 and Note 3 on ATT

  18. OK, not totally related to the topic here… but did anyone else get an email from LG saying they were a winner in the Open Beta contest that T-Mobile and LG are running?

  19. I CAN’T wait til at&t gets the g3. I find myself constantly googling “at&t lg g3 release date!_!

    1. Same with me, but with Verizon (Don’t hate, lol)

  20. It’s a good design, thin bezels, good display and decent camera, they haven’t really cut any corners so they deserve success with this phone.

    The area it’s lacking is GPU performance, Adreno 330 does not scale well with resolution, framerate’s can drop by more than half when moving from 1080p to 1440p which would make most complex 3D games unplayable on the LG G3.

    Developers will have to force the rendering resolution to 1080p or lower, or performance could be a huge issue with this device.

    They should have stuck to 1080p or waited for Snapdragon 805, but the average user probably won’t care about this, only gamers.

  21. Some websites are saying another story, What about this? http://www.wikitechnet.com/2014/06/lg-g3-reportedly-outselling-samsung.html

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