Jun 2nd, 2014

LG G3 IMG_5364

We still don’t have any sort of official pricing of the LG G3, but we figure it’ll hit somewhere around current flagships offered by rival OEMs. Boasting some of the most high-ended specs you can throw on a smartphone, there’s no question LG is going to have to cut some corners if they hope to keep profits high on the device.

One area some were a little confused/let down on was LG’s choice to once again go for plastic on the flagship. While metal is no doubt more premium feeling, it’s clear plastic is more economical. But exactly how much more would an all metal LG G3 run you? Well, according to LG’s Vice President of Mobile Design Chul Bae Lee — around $300 extra.

In an interview with TrustedReviews, Lee defends his company’s choice to go with a faux metal plastic, citing costs they simple couldn’t pass on to the consumer. He also mentions metal would have made the phone heavier, more slippery, and added to bulkier bezels all around.

Well, we’re not sure hot HTC managed to pull it off, but then again they haven’t been posting the most spectacular financials. Maybe there’s some logic behind plastic after all.

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