May 22nd, 2014


Kind of odd for us to be reporting on an iPhone update, no? Well, that’s because this particular update could have key implications for those who foresee themselves leaving the bitten fruit platform for the land of the robots.

Re/code reports that Apple has identified and acknowledged a server-side issue that affects iMessage users. Apple didn’t outright say what the issue was, though there’s reason to believe that they are referring to a bug where iMessage users who switch to a non-iOS phone and don’t deactivate their phone numbers fail to receive text messages on their new phone.

Whether Apple is too stubborn to admit that the issue they’re fixing is for users who may be leaving their platform is another fun story for another day, but we’re glad to see they’re going to do something about it instead of keeping less tech-savvy consumers who may not have known about the need to deactivate iMessage before switching platforms in the dark.

Are you currently faced with this issue? You’re quite the lucky person — we just so happen to have a handy little guide for those of you who want to switch back to Android and make sure this doesn’t affect you. It’s fairly simple, so be sure to give it a good read before you go and trade your iPhone in for the next hot Android phone.

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