May 22nd, 2014

Pushbullet has just received yet another amazing upgrade that many of you will want to get your paws on ASAP. The update allows you to sync mirrored notifications with not only your Chrome-equipped PC, but also other Android devices that have Pushbullet installed.

You might wonder why someone would need this when they could just install the same apps on their tablet, but this is really useful for those who have tablets and want to be able to see notifications that are coming in on their phones that they may not otherwise be able to get on their tablet (for instance, a missed call or text message).

And, well, some people simply don’t always have the same apps installed on both their phone and tablet. If nothing else, think of it as the ultimate convenience feature that you don’t have to use if you don’t want or need it.


I should note that Pushbullet considers this functionality as beta status. Also, you’ll need to have the new setting enabled on each device you want notifications mirrored to. That aside, we imagine nothing will be too much of an issue for you to get your paws on this extremely useful feature. Pushbullet is sitting on the Google Play Store so grab it for all the devices in your arsenal. After that, don’t forget to check out our list of cool things to do with Pushbullet.

[via Pushbullet]