May 21st, 2014

LG G3 Quick Circle cover case

After teasing the LG G3 — and its Quick Window case — in an official video last week, LG is finally saying “eff it,” and announcing the case ahead of the phone’s May 27th unveiling. It’s a little strange to hype up an accessory before showing the world what it belongs to, but we suppose LG sees it as one big tease (even if the we have seen the phone unofficially through a variety of leaks).

So why a circle? Well, LG says it’s more “stylish” than a rectangle (Motorola Moto 360 fans can attest to this). We still find it a bit odd given the phone is still a rectangle, but we’ll let LG slide on this one. We’re sure the phone, and the case, will be their biggest hit yet.

But it’s not just looks the case has got going for it. LG says the case will add wireless charging via the Qi standard and developers can expect a Quick Circle SDK to build apps to utilize the (odd) circular window. Currently the Quick Circle only allows users access to a few functions: time, text messages, take pictures, listen to music, or get updates on their health.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think: which is mightier, the circle or the rectangle?

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