First official look at the LG G3 Quick Circle Case [VIDEO]


LG G3 Quick Circle cover case

After teasing the LG G3 — and its Quick Window case — in an official video last week, LG is finally saying “eff it,” and announcing the case ahead of the phone’s May 27th unveiling. It’s a little strange to hype up an accessory before showing the world what it belongs to, but we suppose LG sees it as one big tease (even if the we have seen the phone unofficially through a variety of leaks).

So why a circle? Well, LG says it’s more “stylish” than a rectangle (Motorola Moto 360 fans can attest to this). We still find it a bit odd given the phone is still a rectangle, but we’ll let LG slide on this one. We’re sure the phone, and the case, will be their biggest hit yet.

But it’s not just looks the case has got going for it. LG says the case will add wireless charging via the Qi standard and developers can expect a Quick Circle SDK to build apps to utilize the (odd) circular window. Currently the Quick Circle only allows users access to a few functions: time, text messages, take pictures, listen to music, or get updates on their health.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think: which is mightier, the circle or the rectangle?

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  1. nice … i think I like this

    1. Not gonna lie, the circle design bugs me. I feel like I’m missing out on so much by not seeing the edges. Lol

      1. Thanks, you just ruined it for me

      2. Exactly why I’m passing on the MOTO 360.I prefer the rectangle for my visual media,whether it be smartphone/watch/TV/etc……

        As for the flip cases,I’ve had them for both the NOTE3 & G2.
        Nice eye candy,but,makes for a lousy experience when you open it up to actually use your phone.

        1. Yeah, for my last 2 phones I had both flip and standard tpu cases, and I was always going back to the tpu. I found flip cases tedious when I wanted to open them and take a picture, etc. It is my hope in the not so distant future that an indestructible phone can be manufactured to negate the need for a case altogether LOL.

          1. Yeah, most cases are the equivalent of covering your living room furniture in plastic.

            I can understand those that will use a case, regardless of phone design, whether it be the nature/environment/risk of dropping, etc… OR, just trying to preserve the phone for future resale value.

        2. Agreed, I typically don’t use a cover case on my daily life (I prefer my phones naked as God intended :) but I put on a cover case when I bring it on holidays. It’s a bit sturdier when I toss it in a bag, etc.

        3. The Moto 360 does still look cool, though.

          1. Absolutely, it’s just not for me.

      3. Open the cover then ;)

      4. It may be good testing ground to polish round smart watch UI.

  2. so no built in wireless charging on the phone. might get the case, but if it’s more than $50+ $50 for the charger, kind of a lot I think. bed, office, work, 50 + 50 + 50 + 50 = $200. I’ll just stick to my ubiquitous micro usb chargers lying around. $10 case on ebay does it for me. Better have an SD slot LG!!

    1. Maybe they meant it will retain wireless charging with the case on? I have a hard time believing wireless charging won’t be standard on this phone, but I’m wrong a lot so maybe it won’t.

      1. VZW has the exclusive on wireless charging w/the G2,so,it’s hard to say how this will go until next weeks formal announcement.

    2. If this lacks wireless charging built-in & an SD Card slot,might as well wait for the rest of this years rumors/releases to pan out (ONEPLUS ONE/HTC ONE Prime/NOTE4/G PRO 2 for North America/MOTO X+1/OPPO FIND7).

      1. It’s always worth waiting for the next generation, the next phone that’s out in a couple month will always be better… Except when you need a phone in the meantime :)

        1. Agreed, gotta jump in & pick something, as there’ll always be something better just around the corner.

  3. You forgot it’s circle, vs square, vs HTC (bright light) case. Looks neat. Hopefully it folds well when open unlike the HTC ‘pixel view?’ case.

  4. What will be awesome is when all the scratches on the surface of your phone form a perfect circle

  5. Weird to hype how a circle is cooler at the same time choosing to do the square watch.

  6. Better than a diamond or triangle I guess..

  7. It’s very stylish, a circle in a rectangle. And evocative of HAL 9000. fully expect a HAL 9000 themed quick window. Maybe some voice prompts/commands in HAL’s voice too.

  8. Do you find it inconvenient to open the cover to access your favourite apps?
    Then don’t use a cover.

  9. Is it just me or does anyone else have the urge to peel back the edges to see how it works.

  10. Looks like my dryer.

  11. Nice design

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