“OK Google” command now available for all English Chrome users in the latest beta


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Google has been experimenting with voice-activated search on desktop for quite some time. We first saw it in the form of a microphone icon that you can press and speak your search instead of typing it.

Then, they started implementing the feature in a way that you can activate the search without having to click anything — our beloved “OK Google” phrase that we’ve been using on Android for quite some time. The feature was more experimental than anything, but they have finally brought that functionality to the beta channel of Google Chrome.

Upon opening a new tab in your Chrome browser or heading to, you should see a microphone icon inside the search bar. Click it, and you’ll be asked if you want to enable the “OK Google” command. From then on you should be able to perform your searches without having to lift a finger (though you will have to lift a finger to navigate the results).

Another big change in the latest beta is the ability to import supervised users (like children whose browsing experiences you want to manage). This makes it quite easy to sync all your parental controls up across any device you own so you won’t have to do it each time your child wants to use a new device. You can head right here for the beta if you’re interested. Otherwise you can wait for it to hit the stable channel in the near future.

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  1. Color me paranoid, but I rather press a button than let Google listen to everything I say at home and especially work. I’m sure many employers will ban chrome if the feature is not optional.

    1. Unplug your microphone then, duh!

  2. All English speakers or just English (US)?

  3. Interesting. Hopefully it’ll come to other browsers soon but probably not as Google will want Chrome to perform better. More languages would be nice too. – Tools for your text

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