May 20th, 2014

broken roots

In way more words and technical explanations than I’m comfortable repeating here, Chainfire — the developer who creates one of the best SuperUser (root access) apps out there, as well as gems like 500 Firepaper — has given developers of root apps an ominous warning. According to him, the forthcoming upgrade to Android (whether that be 4.4.3 or some other number Google plans to use) changes things in a way that breaks functionality for a good deal of root apps.

Most of the changes have to do with SELinux and the ART runtime possibly being enabled by default, as well as other developer-centric changes. Long story short, Chainfire has come to the conclusion that the changes won’t necessarily break all root apps, but he’s seen enough to believe that the changes will undoubtedly affect enough of them that this big warning is needed.

He’s already gotten to work on his own SuperSU, and invites developers and advanced users to download the latest version (not yet being distributed via Google Play) and help knock out some of the kinks. He’s also urging developers to re-read the SELinux section of his How-to SU guide, as he’s made some important changes that detail some of the forthcoming changes in the next version of Android.

Chainfire takes special care to remind developers to test their apps against ART, as its possible future status as the default runtime for Android could make it more important than ever to pay attention to. If you’re a developer then be sure to head to the source link for all the detailed explanations and relevant links you can handle.

[via Google+]

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