LG LifeBand Touch and HeartRate Earphones now available from Best Buy



LG told us their newest fitness-centric products were headed to the United States this week, and they can say they lived up to that promise. Best Buy is now selling the South Korean company’s LifeBand Touch and HeartRate Earphones.

The former is a smartwatch that utilizes a familiar cast of sensors (altimeter, gyroscope and the like) to record workout information and sync it to apps like RunKeeper and LG’s Fitness app. It’ll also let you check notifications for incoming calls and text messages, as well as control music playback right from your wrist.

Adding to that are the Bluetooth-equipped HeartRate earphones, which uses the blood flow of the ear (said to be more reliable and accurate than the finger) to detect your heart rate. The earphone monitors can automatically sync that information to your phone or LifeBand Touch, and will also ping you with your heart rate every now and then while you’re listening to your music.

Pricing? It’s a cool $150 for the LifeBand Touch, and oddly enough the earphones will run you $180. Kind of steep for some earphones, though we suppose there aren’t many on the market doing what these do just yet. Check them out at the links ahead.

[Best Buy 1|2]

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  1. Sleeker sexier than Samsung not to mention the price

    1. +1
      Kinda wish I had waited for this,instead of jmping on the GEAR FIT.
      At $150,it’s not crazy expensive,may sell the FIT & apply the $ to the LIFEBAND.

  2. I’d love to see a Phandroid review for the LG Lifeband if at all possible.

  3. Check out my review of the LG Lifeband items here:

    Overall a GREAT combination of sleek hardware and useful function. I won’t spoil the review though, so read up at the link above!

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