Will Samsung’s first smart glasses be named “Gear Blink?”



Anyone with half a beat on the tech world knows Samsung is likely cooking up some smart glasses of their own. Much isn’t known about the company’s pair at this time, but we imagine it’ll provide all sorts of interesting features that not even Google has thought of with Google Glass. One of those features sprung up in a recent patent by the South Korean company that described a method of projecting a keyboard onto a user’s fingers for some innovative typing action.

We could sit and speculate all day about what it’ll do, but one thing we might not have to speculate about is what it’ll be named. A recent Korean trademark filing by Samsung suggests they’ll look to add their smart glasses to their “Gear” line of wearables as the “Samsung Gear Blink.”

Interesting. Short. Catchy. Marketable. It certainly does have all the makings of a nice product name, though this is by no means a guarantee that Samsung will look to launch it with that name. In fact, there’s no guarantee we’ll ever see them launch the smart glasses — nothing is official until it’s official, I always say.

The lack of the word “Galaxy” in all this could indicate Samsung’s going with Tizen for the device’s operating system, a move they made with their latest Gear smartwatches. Android or not, it’ll likely pair up with Samsung’s vast line of smartphones and tablets to add even more value to an already robust (or bloated, depending on how you look at it) experience.

[via The Guardian]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. I dunno gear blink sounds kind of odd, there’s better eye related names to use. I would call it the gear iris or something cool like that.

  2. I feel like gear should be associated with fitness products. It just seems like they should be rugged tools focused on doing what they do, rather than high end sleek devices..

    That’s just my association with the word “gear”.

    1. There’s only a few fitness-related things you really need: water and the ability to run without pain. Anything else is a luxury.

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