LG G3 (D850) makes a pit stop at the FCC as it prepares for US release


LG G3 black evleaks

It’s coming. LG’s worst kept secret since the Nexus 5, we’ve seen enough of the LG G3 it’s almost crazy to think this phone still hasn’t been made official. While we wait around for LG’s unveiling event (and more leaks), the LG G3 just made its mandatory pit stop at the FCC.

LG G3 D850 FCC certification

The documentation doesn’t reveal much, just a few wireless bands, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS… Oh yeah, and it’s got a camera. No surprises there. It looks as if the US model will go by the D850 (AT&T model?), while the UK variant is the D855. If nothing else, the certification lets us know the launch date for LG’s latest flagship — which is still a mystery at this point — is fast approaching.

The LG G3 is currently scheduled for a May 27th unveiling in London and we can’t wait to see what’s new. Current rumors and leaks point to an entirely new user interface, laser sensor for auto focusing, and circular Quick Window widgets.


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  1. The suspense is killing me!

  2. Yes!!!!

    Edit: why the hell isn’t disqus playing gifts today?

    1. He’s frozen… but we get the picture ^_^

      1. Yeah… Disqus isn’t working for me on any website when posting gifs that I upload (not linked).

    2. If screaming like a teenage girl (literally or on the inside) about an exceptional mobile device release is wrong I don’t want any of us to be right.

  3. Come to poppa

  4. So people call the S5 ugly but don’t think the back of the G3 is hideous??

    1. The S5 has weird dimpley crap, this looks way better imo

    2. no, still think the s5 design looks much worse.

  5. this is definitely sexier than my s5. but..removable battery in my s5 lol

    1. rumor says it may have removeable battery because the back cover is removeable. 3300 mA battery too.

      1. it looks like it’s not, but if it is, consider my s5 sold to buy a G3.

        1. Why does it look like it doesn’t? Have you seen the leaked picture of the back, showing the removable battery?

          1. That was most likely the Korean variant which always includes removable batteries. (I saw the leaked photos too)

          2. I just looked at the leaked image, and it said “micro sim” in English, if it were for the Korean market, wouldn’t “micro sim” be in Korean?

          3. Agreed, last year only the Korean G2 had the removable back and SD but also had a smaller 2610mAh battery and that god awful looking antena coming out of it

      2. Dat battery.

  6. My goodness this phone looks nice. It’s too bad I buy my phones outright and only one I can afford now is the oneplus if I get an invite. Otherwise I will also wait for the note 4 unless the g3 just blows everything out of the water

    GSM 850/1900 and LTE band 4/17
    Looks like AT&T for sure.

    1. Your wallet, mind and body are ready.

  8. if the G3 isn’t going to Verizon, I might buy the unlock version or leave Verizon for AT&T.

  9. That’s a beautiful device. I can’t wait to see the finished product i.e specs etc

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