May 20th, 2014

OnePlus One vs iPhone 5s camera test 2

Once little more than an afterthought, today many prospective buyers look to camera quality as a main selling point when choosing a new smartphone. Just check out any recent smartphone review and scroll down to the comment section to find dozens of people critiquing a smartphone’s camera quality, whether or not they’re a camera buff.

Chances are you’ve heard the hype surrounding the OnePlus One (that is how they made a name for themselves after all). But processors, RAM, and battery life aside, we’re sure many of you are still wondering how the phone stacks up in the camera department. Thankfully, a YouTuber by the name of OT4Tech decided to pit the OnePlus One against one of the best smartphone cameras in the biz: the Apple iPhone 5s. Needless to say, we were surprised by the outcome.

The best part about the video, aside from being encoded in 4K, is that it randomizes the side-by-side comparisons, only showing you the name of phone after you’ve made your judgement. This should help keep everyone’s judgements honest and free from their personal bias. Take a look for yourself in the comparison video below.

Our victor? Hands-down, without a shade of a doubt the OnePlus One won in nearly every comparison. Colors were more vibrant, contrast wasn’t washed out like on the 5s (even when it wasn’t in HDR mode), and we’d have to say it just handled images all around better. Of course, the obvious exception being the slow-mo video and front facing camera test. The OnePlus One’s audio was atrocious and appeared to only record in mono, with no audio what-so-ever in slow mo. Guess that’s something for the OnePlus guys to work on in a future.

Before we leave you, make sure to let us know which smartphone camera you think reigned supreme, and if this changes your opinion at all about the OnePlus One. Cheers.



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