Apr 22nd, 2014


We honestly weren’t sure we could suffer through another flagship iteration using LG’s stale old user interface. What was good during the age of Ice Cream Sandwich isn’t sitting so well with us anymore, especially after seeing what rival OEMs like HTC and Samsung are bringing to the table. The good news? It looks like LG has finally gotten the hint, and for upcoming LG G3, will be giving their UI a much needed facelift.


Old vs new

The folks at Digital Trends have nabbed some screenshots taken from the upcoming LG G3, confirming once again not only a 1440×2560 resolution display, but a departure from LG’s previous skeuomorphic design. Instead, we find a design much more in tune with what we’re seeing in iOS 7 (round, bright colored settings icons), and a much more flat, minimal icon set. We have to admit, it looks leaps and bounds better than before.


Old vs new

Apparently, a refreshed UI isn’t the only trick LG has up their sleeves for the G3, with a new “Concierge” supposedly in the works as well (because voice controlled personal assistants are all the rage these days). You can see a brief glimpse of their concierge in action in the weather widget, where concierge is recommending the user bring an umbrella. According to sources, other contextual based information will be displayed here, similar to Google Now.


No word on when — or even if — LG will get around to updating their older devices to this new UI. Typically, LG drags their feet when it comes to software updates on older devices, so don’t go holding your breath. We’ll keep you updated.

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