LG G3 Quick Window lockscreen widgets leaked


lg g3 quick window

We’ve been seeing a steady stream of LG G3 leaks these past few weeks, and @evleaks is back with a few more. Today, we’re now getting a good look at plethora of lockscreen widgets (a feature dubbed Quick Window) said to the accompany the device when paired with the appropriate Quick Window cover case.

We can see LG’s new UI in a few of the widgets and, once again, shows the move to much more minimal stylings. It’s obvious that LG’s new Quick Window case will have a circular cutout vs the square shape on the LG G Pro 2, because different is good. We approve.


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  1. Could this also be the start of Android Wear possibilities? If they can make circle widgets look good and functional, think of what they can put on the new wearables that are circle shaped like the Moto 360

    1. I really don’t think this has anything to do with Android Wear, just LG’s take on a Samsung’s S View flip covers. Circular for the sake of being different.

      So far, we’re not sure what developers can/will cook up for Android Wear. More than likely different watch faces, but the OS itself is primarily a notification listening service.

    2. this was exactly what i was thinking

  2. Lawd… this is getting hard, I was really pressed on getting an M8 since they’re coming down some on eBay, but the G3 looks so tempting. Then the Prime could be coming out later this year but I don’t think I want to wait that long. But my G2 has been treating me fine… ugh, decisions decisions….

    1. Loving my G2 at the moment, but I’m dead set against 2K for reasons. So far, loving what we’ve seen of the G3 but I’m thinking I might jump on the Moto X+1.

      1. Yea… I think I’m just too antsy, I’m just going to hang with my G2 let all of these devices release and really see whats going after the fact.

        1. I think the G2 with the LG G3’s new UI will still rock. Then again knowing LG, the G2 wont see an update until next year :/

      2. You’ve mentioned being against 2k for reasons a few times now. What exactly are those reasons? Better resolution, bigger screen, and if they can control the battery consumption to be on par with the lesser devices’ displays, what would be your remaining “reasons” or concerns? – Genuinely interested in your response. Thanks.

        1. I’m guessing it’s just the battery life, and the fact that it isn’t necessary as most apps won’t utilize it.

        2. Honestly, it’s not about battery. It’s about how much 2K will improve the visuals. A lot of applications are barely catching up to 1080p.

          I see a lot of low-res UI elements to do this day (icons, avatars), along with apps like Hulu or Netflix stuck on 1080p video. I don’t even think YouTube is displaying in full 1080 yet.

          All that being said, I believe the 2K display will actually make everything look worse. I think the rest of the world needs to catch up to 1080 before we make the trek on over to 2K.

  3. i don’t understand the point of these cutouts for the galaxy and now the LG G3. wasn’t the whole point of the case to protect the screen? So now instead we’ll just have a circular pattern of scratches? Meh.

    1. Most screen protectors don’t have front protection.
      The Quick Window case is meant for people who want some protection for their phone’s front, but still need that extra functionality while quicjly opening the phone.

    2. The circle part is also protected by a thin layer of screen, I thought.

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