Titanfall app comes to Android — PC and Xbox 360 players not invited


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Titanfall’s big update and new maps are finally here, and it looks like EA wants to enhance that experience even more. The gaming giant has released a new companion app for Android that should add to your gigantic robot-blasting agenda.

Upon downloading, you’ll be given access to exclusive lore regarding the game universe, characters, weapons and how this titan-infested future came to be. Beyond all that, you’ll get quick and easy access to all your stats, and when you connect the app to your Xbox One console while playing you can get a real-time map of everything going on around you. The map even features filters and points of interest that the in-game map doesn’t, so there’s a bit of incentive to downloading beyond just being able to see a bigger outline of the land.

titanfall app screenshot

Unfortunately the app isn’t compatible with the PC and Xbox 360 versions of Titanfall, which is why it’s been met with tons of 1-star reviews in Google Play already.

We’ll be reaching out to EA to see if support is planned for those other platforms in the future. In the meantime, if you have an Xbox One and want to add to your Titanfall experience then be sure to give it a download for free over at Google Play. And I implore you to hop onto a WiFi connection — this is coming in at a hefty 612MB of additional installation data.

[via Titanfall]

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  1. I have the PC version, definetly the best version out of all…:)

  2. Clearly the tech is there since BF4 companion app works for PC gamers, Its almost like Microsoft paid EA for a bs timed exclusive.

    1. What? Microsoft owns the other two platforms.

      1. Xbox one timed exclusive.

        1. That makes zero sense imo. They don’t profit out of NOT letting 360 and PC players access this app.

          1. yeah well then why do you enlighten us with your theory why there is no PC or 360 app then.

  3. Ps4 is beating the crap out of xbone

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