May 16th, 2014

google io schedule

Headed to Google’s big developer show this summer? You may want to start planning out all your sessions, keynotes and meeting hours ahead of time. Thankfully Google has made all of that possible by releasing the full schedule for all to see.

All of us will obviously be interested in the big day one keynote that should bring some exciting news regarding Android, Chrome OS, and anything else Google feels like talking about that day. Those in attendance will especially be excited to attend that keynote because they’ll likely be treated to some awesome freebies — at least a new device, if not more.

We’re expecting Google to announce a new Nexus tablet, which could be an 8-inch option manufactured by HTC. We could also be in-store for the renaissance of Google TV, which is rumored to be reintroduced as Android TV.

All of it takes place starting June 25th in San Francisco, so be sure to bring a strong seat belt for what should be a very exhilarating ride. Peep the full schedule at the link ahead.

[Google I/O]

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