LG G3 leaks in metallic black and pearl white, previous leaked cases now on Amazon for $7


LG G3 high res black white

In case you missed it over the busy weekend (what with it being Mother’s Day and all), the LG G3 once again made another appearance online, as the subject of a leak from the boys at PhoneArena.

The image shows the LG G3 in both metallic black, and pearly white finishes, with the gold version — which we’ve already seen in a previous leak — photo bombing above. The brushed texture is plain to see and we have to say, we’re liking the very minimal back plate/buttons.

LG G3 Rearth Case Amazon

Also, you may remember last week when we got one of our first clear looks at the upcoming LG G3 after it popped up inside a 3rd party case press image. We talked it about it briefly on last week’s Mobile Roar podcast and sure enough, the cases belong to Rearth (one of our personal favorite case manufacturers).

Available right now on Amazon, the cases are going for only $7 ($4 shipping) and mention availability is set for June 30th. Now we’re not saying that is the exact day when you should be expecting the LG G3 to officially launch, but it could be a good indicator of its rough release timing.

[Rearth LG G3 Case on Amazon $7 ($4 shipping)]

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  1. I’m in love.

  2. wow…those phones look REALLY cheap and gaudy.

  3. I’d have to see the front, but that white one looks very nice. Hopefully it’s not a case of “looks good from the back, looks like $hit from the front.”

    1. It probably looks almost exactly like the G2, but with a larger display, more squared design, and smaller bezel’s… sooo

      1. I’m also curious if they’ll put that same brushed finish on the front.

        1. It appears that the phone only features the bottom bezel, which is made from that brushed metal finish. The rest of the front is entirely glass (edge to edge, and up to the top as well). Looks REALLY good from the front.

          1. It is not edge to edge on the top. Its just a black bezel.

          2. Yeah, I know the display doesn’t go up to the top edge, but they designed it to look like that (they attempted the same with the original Optimus G). The top bezel does look minimal though, probably under 1cm of bezel there.

          3. Yeah, I just seen the video. It’ll have at least a little bit of bezel up top for the ear piece, proximity sensor, and front camera. I’ll pay close attention to the announcement.

  4. How would it affect the signal?

    1. not much.

  5. I hate speakers on the back of phones. I really loved the G2 speaker on the bottom of the phone. I’d like to know about the camera, Cpu, Ram and screen res. Can’t wait for the official debut, but keep the leaks coming.

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