May 13th, 2014

Google Glass titanium frames hot chick

If you’ve got $1,500 burning a hole in your pocket and love living on the bleeding edge of technology — listen up. The folks at Google have announced via their Google+ page that they’re officially opening up the Google Glass Explorer program to the public.

Make no mistake, Google Glass is still very much in beta. The Glass team promises further revisions to Google Glass’ hardware and software are still in the cards, but with the ability for anyone (those with the disposable income, anyway) to purchase the wearable headset, this should help speed up the process of getting Glass ready for its official consumer release.

So what does $1,500 get you? Along with the headset, you actually get your choice of free titanium frames or shades (a $225 value). Get started by visiting the link down below. Sorry, folks — this is US-only for now.

[Google Glass Explorer Edition]


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