Grab your credit card: Google Glass officially opens to the public (US-only)


Google Glass titanium frames hot chick

If you’ve got $1,500 burning a hole in your pocket and love living on the bleeding edge of technology — listen up. The folks at Google have announced via their Google+ page that they’re officially opening up the Google Glass Explorer program to the public.

Make no mistake, Google Glass is still very much in beta. The Glass team promises further revisions to Google Glass’ hardware and software are still in the cards, but with the ability for anyone (those with the disposable income, anyway) to purchase the wearable headset, this should help speed up the process of getting Glass ready for its official consumer release.

So what does $1,500 get you? Along with the headset, you actually get your choice of free titanium frames or shades (a $225 value). Get started by visiting the link down below. Sorry, folks — this is US-only for now.

[Google Glass Explorer Edition]


Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. I’m guessing a competitor is about to release/announce an alternative to GOOGLE GLASS.

    1. What will be funny is when they price drops to $350 when Samsung releases their bad copy. The geeks that just paid $1500 will have a fit.

      1. And the #SamsungKnights will go nuts.

      2. The price is supposed to drop upon consumer wide release anyways if by then samsung does it it would just be coincidence

      3. My suspicion is that people who have the explorer units will have the option of “upgrading” to the consumer version at launch. There’s enough padding in the $1500 cost of the explorer unit to cover that, and Google’d be incented to want to have a large “seed” population of the new consumer units in the wild to help draw developers.

  2. This product is a lawyers dream. Let the class action lawsuits commence.

    1. No such thing as privacy in public. More like a lawyers nightmare.

      1. Are you kidding? Lawyers will make more money off this product than Google.

    2. Lawsuits? For what? There’s nothing magical about them and there are pretty much cameras everywhere in public nowadays; heck it’s tough to find a piece of portable tech nowadays that doesn’t have one.

  3. Uh, nah. I’d rather put that $1,500 towards a nice lens for my camera.

    1. The New Canon EF 16-35 L retails at $1200

      1. At $1,500, I’d probably be getting either the 24-70 2.8 or the 70-200 2.8 IS.

  4. The Apple’s cool factor has just taken Google.

    1. What cool factor? Google is nothing more than an advertising data company in the eyes of the public. They don’t care about design. Just look at this geeky product.

      At least Apple cares about how their products appeal to the masses(including techies)

  5. People with Google glass get shunned not embraced lol. Sure if you’re around like minded people(techies and nerds) its a good conversation starter but in the eye of the general public its considered intrusive. Google making it look fashionable won’t change that lol. Maybe they should add a shutter like function in front of the camera when not being used so others don’t feel like their under surveillance 24/7.

    1. There are anecdotes out there and a few stories of issues (the person who got kicked out of a movie, for instance), but most user reports that I’ve seen have the common public reaction falling somewhere between indifference and curiosity.

      The thing that makes them awkward in public presently isn’t people’s paranoia about surveillance, it’s that they’re a $1,500 status item. Once the price hits the disposable gadget range of a couple/few hundred and become more common, then they’ll just be another gadget and likely won’t elicit much of a public reaction at all.

      1. The chicks I have talked to about Google glass find them creepy, the guys are def more intrigued by them, while price is incredibly high, I don’t see them selling that well even at 300-500. We the techies are going to jump at this oprotunity for sure but I just don’t see the majority all that attracted to it. With that said their are def a lot of limitations, could you imagine someone walking into the restroom with these lol. Cheating in classrooms, recording movies in theaters.

  6. Umm no.

  7. Lol ya.. I’ll just go ahead and put that on my platinum card..

    1. I’ll go ahead and put a kidney up as collateral… never actually.

      1. If you were in India or China who could realistically sign up for that.

  8. No thanks. Price it right and try again.

  9. hhhmmmm pay tuition with that money my grandparents gave me, or……

    1. Buy a weeks worth of blow, or…..

      1. 15 one-hundred dollar hookers, or…..

        1. 15, one-hundred dollar hookers-1,500
          Divorce(only applies to attached individuals)-half your bank account

          1. AIDS? No problem! Aprox. $180,000 in liquid U.S. bills used intravenously should clear that right up!

  10. Has anyone had any luck getting your eye insurance to subsidize the purchase for at least the frames if you where prescription glasses?

  11. You couldn’t pay me $1500 to put those fugly things on my face!

  12. Maybe, just maybe this won’t be as r-word as it seems now in 5 years.

  13. Unfortunately the software is not at all ready for a public release. There are still a ton of major unaddressed bugs that have been sitting there for months without anyone even trying to fix them.

  14. $1500 for a public release? Yikes! shouldn’t R&D costs go down when mass production happens?

  15. I’d buy that for a dollar!
    … Literally $1

  16. Did the chick in the photo used to support WebOs developers for Palm? And does she work for Google now?

  17. Suckers!
    Goolroids will run to buy one!

  18. For $1500 can I at least get myself some Spider Jerusalem shades with it?

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