May 13th, 2014

Nexus 5 snap case

Well, we didn’t see this coming. Those of you that prefer to have some level of protection covering your Nexus 5, but don’t want to mess with the added bulk that comes with TPU cases and the like now have a new option: the official Nexus 5 Snap Case.

Fresh off the Google Play Store, the new Snap Cases come in black, aqua, silver (grey), white, or clear and feature only a small “Google” logo on its lower back. Have to say, we would have liked to have seen a “Nexus” imprint as found on the back of the Nexus 5, but alas.

The new Nexus 5 Snap Case is currently going for a cool $30 on Google Play. Keep in mind you could always go the 3rd party route (try Amazon for Rearth Ringke cases) for a fraction of that price. Play Store link below.

Buy on Google Play: Nexus 5 Snap Case

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