Nexus 6 and Nexus 8 make surprise appearance in Chromium code



Rumors of Google working on a Nexus 8 and Nexus 6 have gained some traction this afternoon. While it’s not much to go on, references to the two devices have recently appeared in Chromium’s source code, as dug up by Florian Kiersch on Google+. Right now it’s still unclear how reliable these commits are (their age is raising some eyebrows) but of course the news has quickly begun spreading ’round the usual Android circles. For now, we’ll keep these filed under “rumor.”

Nexus 6 Chromium code

Other than the names, this new “leak” doesn’t reveal much. Occasionally, Chromium code can show us other specs like display resolution, but unfortunately, that wasn’t the case here. It’s possible we’ll see these two Nexus devices making another appearance in the near future. Before we leave — do you think we can have a discussion regarding the Nexus 6 and its number typically denoting screen size? My hands can only handle so much phone, Google.

[Chromium Code Reviews]

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  1. What if, (and this is a BIG IF), the Nexus 6 is based on the Note 4 and is a phablet with a stylus? Wishful thinking, I know, but DAMN that would be pretty sweet. Plus, it would explain a new Nexus phone so soon after the 5.

    1. It’s not that soon. A 7 month window is fine by me. The Nexus 6 will be based off the G3.

    2. I would love love love to see Nexus Note!

    3. So soon? Because it shows up in Google’s code does not mean its anywhere near ready to ship. It probably won’t ship for a few months… Like September.

  2. I think Google I/O would be a good likely spot for both products. Now, this really puts me in an uncomfortable position. I want to keep my Note 3 and buy the Nexus 6, however, I might not be able to afford it straight up, so I might be forced to say goodbye to my Note 3.

    1. It’s all speculation. For all we know, the nexus 6 could’ve just been a typo

      1. Doubt that for sure.

        1. I just don’t see them releasing another phone so close to the n5 launch. I could be wrong but I guess we’ll find out soon enough

          1. Samsung is ready to do that with a shorter time frame. They fragment their Galaxy line up like crazy. It’s not that close, we are half way through the Nexus 5’s timeframe as the premier phone. I want to see the Nexus 6 though.

    2. I wouldn`t do that, the Note 3 still supper phone in anyway you look at. But, it`s up to you what you want in the end.

      1. Yeah, the phone is great, but I want a waterproof device with Nexus bloat free software, unlocked device, and sleek looking device. The internals should be good.

        1. Galaxy S5 Google Play Edition

          1. Is it out yet?

        2. Then root. You’re not going to get everything you want. It doesn’t exist.

      2. I agree, it is big enough to eat your supper off of.

  3. Pretty sad that this is considered news.

    1. And here I as thinking it’s pretty sad this is a comment. ;) Seriously though, how isn’t this news? 1 upcoming devices that’s just starting to leak showed up on code commits and another device that we haven’t heard of showed up in code commits. We post little leaks all of the time. Eventually all of the leaks add up to something. This is just another link in the chain.

      1. You shouldn’t have even wasted any energy responding to this dude.

  4. It should be Nexus 5.5. 6 is just too big a screen. I guess we’ll have to see what the G3 brings to look at the potential next Nexus.

    1. Nexus phones are not named by display size. I have been telling you that for years

      1. Come on 5″ screen Nexus 6! Come to papa!

  5. Whatever it is, it needs to have the same or smaller footprint than the Nexus 5. I definitely am not going to be supporting a phablet sized phone.

    1. they could go 5.2 with less bezel on the top and bottom (phone would not be quite as tall, and a hair wider) and i would be down for that. Anything bigger and im with you…

  6. The nexus 5 is not called the Nexus 4.95 is it? Ill go with what everyone else and bet its based off the G3 and is actually a tad but smaller in screen size.

  7. Frys has the Nexus 7 lte version for $189 if someone is interested in T-Mobile deal.

    1. No strings attached?

      1. I think so. As long as you are tmobile voice plan customer like the free data promotion I would imagine.

        1. Oh, I thought you can just order it from Fry’s just like that because there are none in my area because I don’t think they’re in the southeast US.

        2. Maybe it’s a good deal, but T-Mobile not good where I travel. And dropping call a lot where I live. I travel between Garden City, MI area and Chicago area. T-Mobile not working most trip. But that’s maybe different in other areas.

          1. I actually just visited Chicago last week and the difference between their chicago coverage and nyc coverage was immediately noticeable

  8. So does the Nexus 6 dream of electric sheep?
    It should come with a folded unicorn.

  9. Only thing that makes me question the validity of this information is during testing the device name is *usually* the codename, ie Maguro for Galaxy Nexus, Mako for Nexus 4, Flo for Nexus 7 (2013), the actual device name doesn’t show up. The only time I have seen it like this is late in the development cycle (Sept) for the Nexus 5.

    Just an observation.

  10. Still enjoying my N5. Plus, with rumors of Silver replacing the Nexus lineup I’m not sure if I can truly buy into this. Sooooo confused

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