Samsung Galaxy S5 update improves camera lag, fingerprint scanner accuracy


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Samsung is pushing out a new software upgrade to their international Samsung Galaxy S5, with the first folks to get them being those in the UK. Early reports suggest two huge improvements to areas many thought were hampering the Galaxy S5 experience.

For starters, the camera and gallery apps have seen substantially improved performance. Shutter lag in the camera app is said to be cleared up, which is something many complained about to this point.

Another big fix is increased accuracy for the fingerprint scanner. Even in our own review we noted how finnicky the fingerprint scanner was, with users often having to swipe their finger more than once in order for it to register.

The upgrade appears to be going out over the air right now, with Kies also being an option for those who prefer doing stuff over the wire. As usual, the rollout may not get to everyone right away depending on market and carrier, so if you aren’t in the UK with an international unlocked version you’ll need to sit patiently until Samsung delivers the goods to everyone else.

[via SamMobile]

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  1. Thank God. Hope it hits our shores quickly.

    1. Why you thank god. Weird. However i don’t know god has to do something with this

      1. Yes, I was literally down on my knees with my hands raised in prayer. It’s a saying, doofus.

        1. There are some people who don’t speak English as their first language. So they don’t get American English idioms.

      2. He has everything to do with that.

      3. If you’re going to use However, that means you are going to mention something alternative to your original point.

        Just a little lesson in our horrible American English. LoL!!

  2. 1 month old phone…camera and gallery lag LOL

    Still unsure why people buy these pieces of crap

    1. says a moto x or nexus 5 owner to the laughter of all

      1. #TeamNexus

      2. The Nexus 5 had a little bit of camera lag until the Google Camera update hit.

    2. Took more than 4 months for Apple to even address the fade issue on Touch ID. I wonder why people buy that crap either.

      1. At least an iphone doesn’t lag

      2. At least it was a software issue and handily fixed with the update.

        What Samsung is doing is slapping a “band-aid” on the problem.

        1. This is also a software update to address a software issue so your comment makes no sense. Plus I have an iPhone 5s and the fade issue still exists. Granted not as bad as before the 7.1.1 update but its still an issue. Yeah, what’s the saying … Grass not always greener, just different grass blah blah something like that.

    3. They don’t check the internet. Otherwise they are ponies.

  3. This is GREAT news. I think I’ll wait for at least 3 more “lag” improving updates before I consider going back.

    1. Did you get an M8 for your S5?

      1. I think he is waiting for a GPE G3.

    2. Lool? Are you really waiting for this update. Touchwiz will have more bugs thanks to this update soon, Touchwiz is forever laggy.HTC Sense 6 and Sony Xperia Z2 ui does not lag.

      1. He said waiting to go back…

      2. Im gonna sell my htc one tht is coming wednesday and get an S5, the camera is just better.

        1. Overall or just the MP rate?

          1. Overall. More features, better details, 4k recording is VERY impressive and sharp.

      3. TouchWiz is becoming what HTC Sense used to be.

      4. The M8 fingerprint reader does lag… oh, wait a minute, never mind.

  4. Even as someone going into buying an S5 with eyes wide open on the flaws with the fingerprint scanner, I was surprised how bad the implementation was.

    Hard to be more than very cautiously optimistic though as the problems seem more hardware than software related.

    1. it’s hardware related. the software will only make it easier. You will still have the problems.

  5. I recently went from the I-phone to s5 and my bank app will not let me take pictures for deposits…anyone else have this problem?

    1. Check out the forums, there’s a big discussion about it. Depending on the bank app, the option might be in a different place.

  6. So far, my S5 experience has been pretty lackluster. In large part, it’s in the fault of Verizon. Thanks, Big Red.

    1. I just dropped Verizon for T-Mobile and boy am I glad…cheaper bill…UNLIMITED DATA NO CONTRACT…the list goes on n on…

      1. I wish I could do the same. Unfortunately, T-Mobile is pretty much nonexistent in my area.

  7. That seems cool! An update for my 3 weeks old Galaxy S5 device!
    I will surely get this update to improve the camera speed of my device.
    How To Install Flash Player on Samsung Galaxy S5

  8. Hi there great new update but now my phone thinks it has my head phones connected all the time so nothing comes out of the main speaker please help

  9. Would be nice if they gave us an ETA when this update is coming to other countries.

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