Moto E brings modern day smartphone back to the basics, throws curveball with front facing speaker [LEAK]


motorola moto-e-white

We’ve known for quite sometime about Motorola plans to introduce a rock bottom low priced smartphone for the masses. After stripping away several “high-end” smartphone features for the Moto G, it appears Motorola will take this one step further with the newly leaked Motorola Moto E — bringing the modern day smartphone back its basics.

Moto E FastShop leak


Discovered on Brazilian retailer FastShop’s website, the Motorola Moto E made a brief appearance before the entire listing was removed. But while it was up, the listing revealed not only a handful of press images of the phone, but its hardware specs as well. A screenshot was grabbed by the folks at Technoblog and while pricing doesn’t always translate so well overseas, it’s clear Motorola is planning on making the phone nearly half the price of the Motorola Moto G.

motorola moto e black

So exactly what else can Motorola strip away from the Moto G to bring the price down further? Here are just a few of the luxury amenities Motorola will be leaving out of the Moto E in an effort to drive down costs: no LTE, no front facing camera, no LED flash. You will notice the surprising inclusion of what appears to be a front facing speaker (likely not stereo). Even if only mono, let’s hope this is the start of a new trend in mobile. Here are a few of the specs that were revealed in its listing before it was removed.

  • 4.3-inch (possibly 720p) display
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 1.2GHz dual-core processor
  • 1GB RAM
  • 4GB internal storage
  • 5MP rear camera
  • Micro SD card slot
  • 1,980mAh battery with “all day” battery life
  • Removable battery covers (turquoise, yellow, black, white)
  •  124.8 x 64.8 x 12.3mm
  • Android 4.4. KitKat

For many of us, these are common smartphone features we’ve grown accustomed to over the years. But think about it — when was the last time you needed to stream and HD video while on the go? How about the last time you needed to take a picture in pitch darkness? Snapped a quick selfie?

It’s clear for older/younger folks, some of these features aren’t in their list of needs (more like wants). Stripping away all these extra hardware features leaves you with a smartphone in its purest form, and one that’s easy on the wallet. After already leaking on Motorola’s site and popping up in retailer sites around the world, we imagine it wont be very much longer before Motorola finally takes the wraps off the Moto E.

Motorola has been hyping a social media campaign they’re calling “#GoodbyeFlipPhone” with a mysterious date of May 13th. Sounds like the Moto E could be the way out some users need to finally ditch their feature phone and get on the Android train.

[via PhoneArena]

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  1. It’s weird if they put stereo speakers and a 720 display on a phone like this. Would rather have seen 8gb of storage instead of 4, with mono speakers and a non-HD display.

    1. Even with micro SD, 4GB is almost unusable. My poor aunt has one of those new LG phones from T-Mobile with 4GB internal storage, and micro SD. The dumb phone maxed out on internal storage after installing barely 3 apps. There was nothing I could do to help her :/

      1. How much does she make an hour?

        1. Never really asked. She works part time for the city. Por que?

    2. It’s probably not stereo. One is the ear piece and the other is a single speaker.

  2. The flash is a deal breaker for me. I frequently use my phone as a flashlight. Like, multiple times a day.

    1. For you, yes, but a lot of people that have flip phones and dumb phones don’t have that capability as it is now.

      1. The real question here is do you want this to be later adopters first impression of smart phones? I’m not sure of the answer, but the question is relevant.

        1. i dont think its their first impression of smart phones. Smarphones have been out for quite some time now and all much involved in pop culture, those interested in a high end smartphone or that can afford one, already probably have one or know what they can do.

    2. you use flashlight during the day?

      1. Yep. Inside dark buildings, even when the sun is out.

        1. For what needs?

    3. Ask how many people use the screen as a flashlight rather than the LED. Lower end models are always going to alienate some folks, but that doesn’t mean you don’t make them. Chances are they appeal to more than they alienate.

  3. I’d love for this to allow the world to say good by to the flip phone – goodbye to the dumb and feature phones of years past. The only hindrance I feel will be data plans as they’re expensive for a lot of people still. As long as these can be bought off-contract, without data plans, and used data-less on the go, using WiFi only where applicable, they’ll be a hit everywhere.

    1. The Moto G is $180 off contract, unlocked … assuming this will be significantly cheaper, means it should be able to fit that niche.

  4. Might make a nice iPod alternative for the kids, but I think a flash and front facing camera would make it more appealing. However, you have to sacrifice something for price.

    As to replacing the flip and feature phones, I don’t see it. Some people just want a phone to be a phone and there’s nothing wrong with that.

    1. Moto G is really the entry level smart phone for kids. This is entry level for adults over 30 who still have a flip phone.

  5. No wonder Moto wasn’t profitable…

    1. My guess is because they were only being sold on verizon for the longest time and never went for a global market. They are still fighting that uphill battle and the numbers are starting to show that they are moving more and more units.

  6. I knew they were gonna go Snapdragon Dual core instead of Mediatek….F U to all naysayers!!!!! And those who said I was wrong!!!! LIYF

    1. Protip: low-end Snapdragon and MediaTek SOCs use the same CPU, different GPU and radios. General performance will be in the same ballpark.

      1. that maybe the case, but still, on google + I was told that Moto would stick with Mediatek, on; Phandroid, and Android Central…but I kept saying..Dual-core Snapdragon……

        1. Everything you write is hard to make sense of.

          1. Not my fault your special… that’s God’s department.

  7. Nexus One?

  8. NICE! I’ve been wanting to buy my mom a smartphone so she could leave behind her flip phone. this is a great option because it’s a simple phone, perfect for a transition from 2004 to 2014 :)

    1. Still looking into getting the Moto G for my mom. A different situation as she’s been using an LG G2X for the past 2 years and not a flip phone.

      I just feel like this Moto E might be a little too limited. (The internal storage could be a headache later on). Still, I’m sure it’ll be a great price for a brand new phone.

      1. >A little too limited
        I get that completely. If I was on a budget, I’d still spend a little more and get the Moto G.

  9. My dad’s new phone. It’ll get him on KitKat and that’s all he needs in order to use the latest apps. Hello Moto!

    My mom has the G and she loves it, came over from a feature phone.

  10. I wonder if this means we could see dual front facing speakers on the new Moto X?

    1. We could dream. I mean, I’d settle for even 1 single front facing speaker. I never understood why the earpiece on smartphones couldn’t also act as a speaker?

  11. You knew once Motorola sold out to the Chinese they would become your go-to bargain basement OEM of choice. For those of you willing, good luck playing around in the trash bin, I’ll stick with the high end lineup.

    1. Wow, so harsh. Lol To be fair, this was Motorola’s plan from the get go. Dennis Woodside mentioned hitting that $50 everyman’s phone at some point. Looks like the Moto E will be it.

    2. Trash Bin…I think not. Not everyone needs or WANTS the high-end, overpriced lineup. Keep your super-duper specs, I’ll go for the optimized UI. BTW, this was certainly in play before the Lenovo buyout.

  12. I thought HTC had the front firing speakers patented?

    1. No.. they’re not patent trolls. The Xperia Z2 has front facing speakers too.

      1. But doesn’t that mean anyone else can patent it and take it away from htc? I wouldn’t go overboard like apple, but I’d definitely patent something like this as it’s obviously a strong selling point.

        1. they cant cause Samsung had a tablet with front facing speakers before them..

        2. I’m sure the stupid US patent office would uphold a patent over the position of hardware if it was filed but it’s ridiculous that that’s even possible.

  13. no front camera?

  14. Very disappointed there’s not even a cut rate front facing camera. One of the main reasons my parents want a smartphone is for Google Hangouts/Skype. How much more expensive would it be to add a 1.3mp front facing? 3 bucks?

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