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So you got the Galaxy S5?


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Have you heard about the Galaxy S5? Perhaps you count yourself among the millions that have picked up the device since it launched last month? Now that the new device smell has worn off and the excitement has died down, we thought it would be appropriate to take a minute to point you toward some of the more useful and informative Galaxy S5 content you might have missed on Phandroid while you were distracted by your shiny new toy. Ooo, shiny things. We like shiny things.

Review our review

First and foremost, if you haven’t taken the plunge yet, it’s worth checking out our full review of the Galaxy S5 — especially helpful if you are on the fence. For a look at the other side, check out the 8 things we hated about the phone. Even if you already own the device, you might pick up on a few tips and tricks scattered throughout.

Tips & Tricks



Speaking of tips and tricks, we’ve got plenty of them. If you just purchased the phone, you need to drop everything and check out our list of the 14 things every new Galaxy S5 owner needs to do when they first power on Samsung’s latest marvel. Once you have taken care of that, head over to our extensive look at 50+ tips and tricks for the GS5. There you will find info on shortcuts that allow you to do things like take a screenshot with simple gestures. We also explore special software features like S Voice. Pro tip: you can (and probably should) easily disable it. You will also find a great guide to caring for and getting the most out of your Galaxy S5’s battery.

Those extra features, though…

Some of the Galaxy S5’s more talked about features include its fingerprint scanner and heart rate monitor. We’ve got guides for both. Check out our tips page on how to set up the finger scanner and use it for a variety of security-minded functions. For those looking to get the most out of the GS5 as a fitness companion, we’ll show you how to use the built-in heart rate monitor and tell you why it’s more useful than you might think for keeping your body in top shape.

Samsung Galaxy S5 water logo wm DSC05776

Another highly touted feature is the Galaxy S5’s IP67 resistance to dust and water. We really put it to the test during an extended off-grid bicycle tour across the state of Maryland, and it lived up to its name. Our review unit didn’t fare so well in the toilet bowl, however, leading to a deeper exploration of what IP67 certification really means. All are must-reads for anyone planning to use the Galaxy S5 in less than ideal conditions.

If all else fails, check the forums

If that doesn’t cut it for you, might we suggest taking a visit to the Galaxy S5 section of AndroidForums. Here an enthusiastic group of fellow fans have been discussing, debating, and dissecting the phone since it was merely a rumor whispered between Androids. You will find even more tips and tricks and perhaps answers to some lingering questions. If you can’t find the info you are looking for, consider signing up for an account and asking yourself. Chances are high you will get the help you need.

So that’s about it. How you liking that Galaxy S5?

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  1. Good god please stop desperately peddling this crappy phone on us readers, I’m starting to wonder how much Samsung is paying for these dogfood posts…

  2. Borderline worst phone experience I’ve ever had. The only phone worse than this was the evo 4g. I can’t wait for the lg g3. Great specs bad user experience not a good combo.

    1. what was your best phone experience?

      1. Nexus 4

    2. Really? What was wrong with it? I got it yesterday and i love this phone.

      1. At first it was all good but ithe lag got terrible and for some reason one day app not responding messages just started popping up back to back to back and not for apps I was even using either just random apps crashing in the background. I’ve had to pull the battery a few times and just so many problems. The keyboard has gotten stuck on the screen also after closing an app that was using the keyboard.

        1. My Galaxy S3 had somewhat similar hiccups a few weeks ago but that being said it’s almost 2 years old. Sorry to hear your new device has given you trouble. It could just be one dud out of tens or hundreds of thousands, though, to be fair. You might have just been unlucky.

          1. I hope so. I highly recommended it to my sister. She doesnt go through phones like I do so she will be stuck with hers for a while. This one doesn’t seem to be my cup of tea so as soon as the g3 comes out I’m moving on. Maybe when Samsung tones down touchwiz I’ll circle back but for now I’ll find something else.

          2. I wish I had the income to just be able to get a 2nd brand-new device after just getting a different one so recently. I would have been even more upset if what happened to you had happened to me.

          3. I guess sometimes I take that for granted. I’m not like super well off or anything just no kids or real hobby to speak of so a lot of my extra cash just goes to tech. I’m praying for a gpe g3 I would probably do a back flip lol

          4. Haha, I used to save my money, once. Eat, sleep, root, repeat (your LG G3).

      2. I upgraded from S4 to S5. This one is heavier, battery life is poorer and thicker. Same “improvement” when IPad went from iPad 2 to iPad 3.

        1. Battery life is poorer? I find it hard to believe. I got the phone a few days ago and battery life is better than the Note 3, let alone the S4. Are you sure you have the S5 because I haven’t heard someone complaining about the battery life. They complaining about lag, plastic and stuff but not battery especially compared to the S4.

    3. Evo 4g was a beast!

      1. for the two hours it lasted on one charge lol

        1. lol it was a good 2 hours though

  3. Evo 4g was 2nd worst wow that’s not good to say

  4. Looks like a completely awesome phone.

    I would love to buy one of those but unfortunately my unlimited data plan will kick the bucket if I opt to buy a phone at the reduced price. (Having to sign a new 2 year contract and everything. ugh.)

    I’m gonna wait until they start showing up on sites like http://www.craigslist.com and http://www.snaili.com.

    LOL! :)

  5. I’m really diggin my S 5 :) we’re rockn and a rollin!

  6. Good god please stop desperately peddling this crappy phone on us readers, I’m starting to wonder how much Samsung is paying for these dogfood posts…

    1. Even if I cared what a dogfood post was I’d still tell people who accuse Phandroid writers of being paid to “market” certain devices to tell someone who cares. Companies have done way worse to try and get ahead in business (blackmail and murder come to mind). Imagined bribery in this situation is hardly an accusation worth throwing around. How would you prove it objectively and legally, anyway?

  7. How much does an OEM pay Phandroid to advertise these crappy phones full of bloatware?

    1. The same amount to write an article blasting their latest flagship phone? http://phandroid.com/2014/04/19/8-things-i-hate-about-the-samsung-galaxy-s5/

    2. Roasted

  8. S5 ? Just a glorified S4 ?
    All that extra money for what ?
    Metal casing ? No !!
    Full front screen ? No !!
    Etc … Etc… Etc…

  9. LG G Pro 2 and the upcoming LG G3 are the best now in term of functionalities, innovation and design!

    Samsung has ran out of design idea!

    The S% is such a badly designed phone in today’s world!

  10. It’s made from cheap junk plastic.

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