Foursquare introduces Swarm, the new way to get together with your friends


swarm on iphone

It’s probably accurate to say Foursquare isn’t nearly as fresh of an experience as it was a couple short years ago, and the company is looking to do something about. They are calling it Swarm, a new app that separates the “where are my friends” portion of the experience.

The base Foursquare app will still serve to be your headquarters for checking into wherever you go or discovering new places, but Swarm is where you’ll go to see where all your friends are and what they’re up to. Swarm makes it easy to share what you’re doing, who you’re with and to make plans with those nearby.

Foursquare didn’t go too in-depth with why they couldn’t fit all of this into one app, but they did give us a hint of their future plans. They say Foursquare in its current state is like a digital Yellow Pages — they want it to be a lot more personal than that. They’ll be doing so by adding personalized recommendations based on past check-ins and ratings. We’re told to stay tuned, and we’ll be doing just that.

As for Swarm? The app isn’t available quite yet, though it shouldn’t be longer than a quick couple of weeks before you’re able to play along. You can sgin up to be notified of its available right now if you’re interested.

[via Foursquare]

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  1. Typo and grammar error in the same sentence. “You can sgin up to be notified of its available right now if you’re interested.”

  2. So Swarm lets you stalk people with their consent?

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