LG G3 leaked in gold color option, mystery rear sensor explained


lg g3 gold 1

LG might be looking to follow the golden trend as of late, as a gold variant of their upcoming flagship has just been outed in newly-leaked photos. The photos don’t show us much that we didn’t already see from the countless other leaks available — it has rear facing buttons. It has a glorious edge-to-edge display (which is most likely coming in 2560 x 1440 flavor). It still has that mysterious rear-facing sensor. And it’s gold. Not actual gold, mind you, but you probably already figured that.

Circling back to that rear sensor, the source suggests it’s actually not a fingerprint scanner or infrared blaster as many would think. It’s said to be some sort of assist beam to help the camera focus in low-light situations. It’s something that’s definitely needed on these devices, as their sensors alone aren’t often up to the task of taking the best shots in those situations.

The photos also show the new style LG’s going with for the chassis, which is either plastic made to look like brushed aluminum or actual brushed aluminum. We’ll know for sure by the time LG reveals it May 27th. In the meantime, get up close and personal with the newly-leaked photos above and below.

lg g3 gold 2

[via GSMArena]

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  1. Hopefully it’s plastic.

    1. It looks like anodized, brushed aluminum: https://www.google.com/search?q=anodized+brushed+aluminum+images

  2. Daydreaming of this phone as I text away on my soon to be gone LG G2!

    1. You and I both broham…my G2 is about to go bye bye

    2. Yup. I might just keep my g2 in my forever favorite collection. LG G3 beast mode

  3. It def looks like plastic.

  4. Can you say “Bezeless” front!

    1. I see a big gold bezel? O_o

      1. and black bezels around the side made to look bezeless

        1. well lg did make the g2 so the screen is going to be closer to the edge than almost any other phone

          1. The bezels on the G2 are 2.3 mm. The bezels on the G3 are supposed to be a mere 1.15 mm, half the size of the already minimal bezels on the G2. ☺

  5. Ohhh them bezels …. Or lack thereof.

    1. I follow. ; D

  6. The bezel is black which make it blend with the screen when it’s off. Still very thin, but for anyone who thought it was lacking bezel.

    1. You must not have an lg g2, The side bezels are about as thin as it can get.

      The lg g3 leaked pics are showing that it will be the same size as the htc m8

  7. Sorry HTC One(m7) I will miss your front facing speakers but I must move on:)….can’t wait, G3 here I come…

    1. You have made a very wise choice

    2. my m7 has been collecting dust since my lg g2 debloated slightly modded. But htc does have one of the best sw teams

      1. There are some devs on XDA that are working on a Sense 6 port for the G2. It will probably be a while before it’s stable, but as soon as there’s a stable build, it’s definitely going on my G2.

  8. Hey sexy

  9. I’m already liking the look they got going on here, now give us a revamped UI and I’m sold… LG should have a round of applause for what they’ve been doing lately. From the Optimus G, to the G2 and now this? I’ve had them all and the G3 will probably be no exception

  10. DAT BEZEL DOE. I am joking of course.

  11. Any word on battery? I heard the G3 will have sd support (probably up to 128GB cards), but what about the battery? Embedded?

  12. I know we all hate Apple but they do a gold phone EVERYONE does a gold phone…

    1. you do realize Apple wasn’t first with a gold phone…or second…or third..or fourth…

      1. Neither Samsung, HTC, nor LG had gold variants for their flagships a year ago… Apple drops a gold phone and now they all do. Its a pretty clear observation regardless if you like it or not….

  13. Here is the issue with gold…Not everybody can do it.

    I hate to say this, but Apple has been the only one to do gold right.. here’s why(or at least MHO)

    Apple has gold with white accent.. yes I know the GS5 has gold back with white front, but that gold makes the GS5 look like a band aid. the gold on the Iphone5s is on metal not plastic accented by white glass…shouting premium gold..not just….gold. this gold LG G3 is solid plastic gold..its just not the same…

    1. Gold iPhones are hideous. The gold HTC One(both of them) are gorgeous

      1. I have a gold iPhone. It is NOT hideous. This brushed metal crap from everyone else is.

  14. Would be nice with capacitive buttons on that bottom bezel.

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