Swarovski Samsung Galaxy S5 and Samsung Gear Fit collection literally hurts my eyes


Galaxy-S5_Swarovski-Cover-5 (1)

I’ve never been one to oppose beautiful stone-studded phones for those who can afford them. Swarovski crystals and rocks aren’t diamonds, mind you, but they still do add a very stunning look if used right. I’m sorry to say that Samsung most certainly hasn’t used it right for the Swarovski Collection of Samsung Galaxy S5 and Samsung Gear Fit devices.

The former has its case completely covered in rocky materials that have been “enhanced” to give it that crystalized look. It’s cluttered, ugly and nonsensical. It doesn’t look much better than those knock-off back covers you can buy from the mall kiosk. And I imagine it doesn’t feel too great in the hand, as well.

The hookup for the Gear Fit is a bit more tolerable — these come in the form of charms that can be attached to the wrist strap. Still, I couldn’t help but feel like an adolescent with $10 to spend at the mall whenever I look at these. Perhaps you feel differently, and if you do then by all means share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Interested in getting one? Samsung says they go on sale in Korea starting today, with availability extending to the United Kingdom shortly afterward.

[via Samsung Tomorrow]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Oh god, they look hideous… I wonder if Samsung actually makes money with this move.. Maybe by selling just 1 unit, they already made profit lol!

  2. Asians love these charm things.

    1. Did you get that from reading the “I don’t know sh**” book?

      1. I actually got this from my traveling and seeing them literally everywhere for sale and on peoples phones and bags and what not.

  3. I bet Chris is already on the phone with Google asking for a Google Glass version.

  4. They might want to fix all the software issues with the Fit before they bling it.

  5. ladies LOVE Swarovski crystal cases for there phones. the UGLIER and more GAUDY, the better. i dont like em either, but you should see the display we had for these at my VEllphone accesory store. The ladies GOBBLE them up. BIG ASS peacock on the back, 18 different colors, whatever. they like it. also, if all in one color, ie BLACK, PINK, etc, they do look pretty sharp.

  6. I’ve always hated those glittery cases. I would sit there and be like, “Where in the world did you get that?” I never bought a case from a mall kiosk. That’s where they be getting them from. I’m like what could you possible search for online to find that thing? LoL!!

  7. I’m guessing the outgoing design team lost a bet……….

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  9. Some people seem to forget that women do buy smartphones and a lot of us want cases that are feminine and girly – not that ugly, industrialized look that most men like. At least someone realizes that.

  10. You literally used the word literally wrong, unless of course the case hit you in the eye.

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