LG G3’s 5.5-inch QHD 2K display is officially confirmed


LG QHD LCD 2K display

The oft rumored 2K display said to come bundled inside the upcoming LG G3 has been perhaps the industries worst kept secret. The subject of countless leaks, LG is finally coming clean, confirming that the 5.5-inch QHD LCD display will take center stage in their upcoming flagship debuting later this year.

“The new Quad HD LCD panel will be unveiled with the forthcoming LG’s flagship smartphone to be launched in the first half of the year.”

Given LG already announced their QHD displays back in August of last year, you may be asking yourself exactly what is the news here? Well, LG is just letting the world know that the displays have been certified by NEMKO, a testing and certification organization based in Norway — and will going into mass production shortly. Also, they’ve managed to shrink the bezels down by .5mm from when they were detailed last year, measuring in at only 1.2mm thick, and carrying a tiny 1.15mm bezel.

LG’s new QHD panels will carry a pin sharp 2560×1440 resolution and once again, you can expect them to debut in the still unofficial LG G3. Sounds delicious.

[Press Release]

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Moto X+1 makes an appearance on Motorola’s site carrying -$400 price tag [LOL]

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  1. I had to zoom in and check to see if they were indeed holding a box of fruit and veggies.. Not crazy about these Asians either :( I will not buy this phone– the Asians aren’t hot enough!!

    1. And douche bag comment of the year goes to…..

      1. I hope I win.. I’m always runner up to Nexusman!

    2. I will certainly admit when they took this picture they were not using beauty shot.

      1. … I still would…

  2. As long as the battery life is as good as or better than the G2 this will be sick.

  3. This phone is everything I want and probably more. Thank goodness for the jump program. Ill be breaking up with my S5 soon enough

    1. What’s wrong with the s5? The people I know that have it say it’s awesome

      1. Their software updates haven’t come to ruin their phones yet.

      2. Worst lag I’ve ever had on a phone. I came from a Nexus device and I’m wishing I was back on it.

        1. I’ve been hearing allot about the lag.issues. I have to test this out.

          1. Its the worst experienc on some of the best hardware out right now. This phone would probably make an android noob run straight to the iPhone.

            Not only have I had lag, but for a few days straight I kept getting unfortunately this app has stopped responding and they would come in bunches. Its like things in the background were just crashing in bunches.

            To top it all off I was trying to test the 4k video recording capabilities and after a little while the phone was so hot that it wouldn’t allow me to record any type of video 4k or other wise until the phone cooled down. It wasn’t like I was shooting g continuously it was like 30 40 second clips at a time.

            This phone has just left a bad taste in my mouth and with an OEM like LG who is offering products that are becoming some of the best android phones to own I won’t suffer with Samsung. I just hope there is an lg g3 gpe that would make my year.

  4. OMG!!!

  5. Hoping they can keep battery optimization plans with these new big and extravagant screens.

  6. I’m just hoping for even better battery life and I’ll be golden. And also give me a blinkfeed like feature with a revamped UI

    1. Ask and you shall receive !

  7. Will this phone come with a charger?

    1. I don’t know if you’re serious or not, but if you are, you’re as oblivious as the geraffes r dumb guy.

      1. What’s dumb about it? As silly as it may sound, some phones don’t come with charges.

        1. We’re not talking about a $170 Moto G here. We’re talking about the flagship killing LG motha-fa¢king G3! The G2 came with a rapid charger, I’m sure this one will too.

  8. Does anyone know if this phone will come with a charger?

    1. Didn’t the G2? : o

    2. Does any phone not come with a charger?

  9. I find it more interesting to watch phones go through their development phases. That’s so cool to see how that looks.

    Like right now.

    I want to see a video of a phone being created. Maybe I should just watch a tear-down in reverse.

    1. You know what this is a really good comment. Neutral to vendors, not fanboy-y, has a happy tone. Kudos sir.

      1. I just can’t imagine how mind numbingly boring that job must be..

    2. The OnePlus announcement video includes pretty much every phase of the phone’s development. ; ) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KP-5OlHINg0

  10. Thin bezels, now this is how you make a phone. Don’t know if it’ll supplant the Note but I’ll definitely be looking at this device.

  11. Thanks, tech industry. Now I have to be ready to explain that the devices coming could have a QHD screen which is 4x HD resolution, or 4K which is 4 times Full HD resolution. Hopefully by that time we will no longer have qHD resolution, which is a quarter of full HD. Who the heck decided on these names?

    Not to mention that most people think that HD-High Definition- is anything that looked sharp, not a certain resolution. I mean, the name said High Definition, right? Why do we need a *full* High Definition? AND WHY DO WE NEED TO QUADRUPLE THAT O_O

  12. I’m gonna try and reserve judgment until I have seen the display in person, but I’m of the opinion that the display isn’t worth it. I was happy with 720, basically forced into 1080. What are the benefits of 1440?

    1. The benefits are as resolution goes up anti-aliasing can go away.

  13. Why is 2560×1440 is “2K”? I understand why 3840×2160 is 4K, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense but I can see where it’s coming from – but then 1440p should be something like 2.5K.

    1. I don’t understand why 2160p is somehow 4k. By that logic, 1080p is 2k. We haven’t needed k nonsense before and I don’t need it now lol.

      1. As h4rr4r says, it’s marketing. I can understand why someone selling a TV for a thousand bucks doesn’t want customers coming in asking for “a 2 thousand and thingy” TV. 2160p doesn’t scare many people on Phandroid but the average consumer doesn’t care enough to remember this.

        However, why 4K? For no apparent reason it has switched to the horizontal resolution but even then, it’s not 4000 or 4096, it’s just “4000ish”. Calling 1440p 2K just breaks this even further. 2.5K for 2560 horizontal pixels doesn’t quite add up but it’s close.

        1. I understand it’s about marketing, I think you missed my point.

        2. Now that I’m at my desk lol, here’s the point.

          Horizontal scan lines in TV didn’t just happen by a coin toss. Scientists and engineers studied our eye-brain perceptual engines in depth for years. You can find papers on it at the quantum level going back to the 50s. Those guys and the SMPTE weren’t and aren’t dummies.

          For moving pictures, we have a physical reason going back to evolution (look at which way your eyes open and close) for integrating horizontal lines.

          On a TV, 480i, 720p, 1080i and 1080p are all complete, accurate and meaningful specs.

          2560×1440 and 3840×2160 only matter for computer monitors with stationary text. For any video signals, those are meaningless – but for video, 1440p and 2160p are very meaningful.

          And the point of these mobile displays with these resolutions is not so your email looks better. It’s to create demand for higher-res TVs.

          Honest marketing would be to call them 1.4kp or 2kp (approximations ok) and to start calling 1080p 1kp – not 2k, 4k or anything like that.

          As for the average consumer, the real average consumer is marketing’s worst nightmare and a salesrep’s best friend – they simply walk in and say, “I don’t care about the stinking numbers, I care about how it looks and how much it costs.”

          Because of weaknesses in the color engines – something that matters a whole lot more than the number of dots – marketing wants the discussion to be about X*Y or 4k dots. It’s an easier sell.

          As for 2560 not being 2k and 3840 not being 4k – how long do you think it took the marketing wonks to come up with capitalizing on the cognitive dissonance that creates?

          I’m guessing about 2 beers worth after hours.

          Cheers! =D

    2. Because of marketing the same reason they call it 1080p rather than give the real dimensions.
      Even 3840×2160 is not 4k, 4k to me implies either 4000 or 4096 pixels.

  14. LG is pushing the boundaries of a smart phone. Take that Apple and Samsung.

  15. maybe for the same reason T-Mobile called their faster than LTE (at the time) HSPA+ network “4G”. HA ! Y’all are Right : it’s All in the Marketing. (or if you add up 1440 with 2560 you get to the 4K moniker Exactly, lol !) Tech is Fun! Remember just 3 years ago when ” Retina ” owned it All? Now Android Makers have Far Surpassed that “Magical” Screen… I mean Word, lol. Let’s face it … We All missed the advertising windfall in Tech words. Gotta Love Life !

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