HTC One M8 receives CyanogenMod nightlies for nearly every version


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One of the main things folks with the HTC One M8 were looking for when S-OFF was achieved were fully custom ROMs like CyanogenMod, Paranoid Android and the like. The first of that batch has finally arrived, with CyanogenMod announcing that nightlies will be available for owners of these devices as soon as tonight.

The good news is that this isn’t your typical hobbled launch that only caters to GSM users — there’s a version for Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile and the international GSM variants sitting on CyanogenMod’s servers.

There are a couple of important things to note. For starters, if you’re using a custom recovery (which you likely are if you’re looking to flash something like this), it will need to report as compatible with one of the following model numbers:

  • m8
  • m8wl
  • m8wlv
  • m8vzw
  • m8whl
  • m8spr

And it should be needless to say that nightlies are flashed at your own risk, as is anything that isn’t OEM-approved. Take special care for nightlies, though, because they represent the cutting edge of development, and there might be stuff breaking and freaking out left and right.

So long as you remember that you are the only one responsible for what you do with your device, then be sure to check CyanogenMod’s download center (m8 will be used to identify its code branch) later on tonight when the first files are expected to go live.

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  1. I *almost* wish they didn’t have “nightlies” (or at least didn’t spread word of them).

    Too many people are blaming CM for poor stability/reliability or non-functioning features based solely on their use of “nightlies”.

    Please read the warnings, folks. Have a backup. Don’t expect issues with “nightlies” to be fixed in the next nightly release.

    1. Agreed. Preach on. Nightlies, in the very beginning of a ROM, are not meant for daily use by the average person. But people will still flash them and still complain.

    2. That is true, however CM has never been more unstable in my opinion. I’ve had CM on all of my devices since the original Galaxy S. I have an S4 now and CM has reached M6, yet still every phone call is an annoyance due to a non-functioning sensor which they can’t seem to sort out, the camera has become horrible and smudges any image with movement, the battery life is a joke… this m6 is not an early nightly by any means. I also have CM on my nexus 7 (2012) which is better, but had horrible battery drain on m5.

      It’s not like I blame the CM-team or anything, they have been good to all of us for free, but CM has just reached a point where it takes so long for things to become stable that I am fed up with my phone by then, I buy a new one, and start the waiting-game all over. I’d love me a stable CM phone, to bad the OnePlus One is a phablet…

  2. Gave up on CM ROMs years ago… Sorry, but I want my camera to at least work on a $600 phone.

    1. Exactly! I have not given up, but I am close. If they can get the Xposed Framework to work in ART I think I’ll be done with CM.

    2. True, although it’s easier to go without the camera when it’s the M8 camera we’re talking about.

      1. Lol just had to throw that in there huh?

      2. The M8s camera is great. Dont know where you people are getting this. Im assuming you simply never used the phone and are saying what you think is going to get you upvotes. The M7s camera was great as well.

        1. Low light performance is awful on phones that have lower resolution than an 8mpx camera. I’ve seen it myself. And the level of detail is higher on my 5mpx camera than on the 4mpx of the HTC One M7/M8. Only the pictures are lighter because of the bigger sensor. Overall the camera on HTC One M7/M8 sucks!

  3. This would be great if the method for getting S-Off on my T-mobile M8 would actually work.

    1. S-Off isn’t required for flashing custom ROMs – only for the RUU conversions. My m8 also failed to S-off but liquid smooth and slimkat flashed just fine. I’d be shocked if CM is any different.

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