Motorola Connect update finally Brings MMS support


motorola connect mms update

Users of the Moto X and Verizon’s DROID phones have a great update to look forward to if they use Motorola Connect to receive and respond to text messages on their Chrome browsers. The app has finally been updated to bring partial support for MMS. Prior to the update users were only notified that they had a new MMS message, but couldn’t see any of its contents.

Now you’ll be able to see MMS messages that contain both photos and texts, as well as any messages that come from a group thread. It isn’t fully capable just yet — you can only respond to participants in an MMS group message as a one-on-one SMS reply, and you’ll only be able to respond to picture messages from individuals with SMS — but it’s a damn good start.

The upgrade also brings improved contact matching and phone number formatting, though Motorola warns that this particular change requires a new permission (coarse location, which only goes as far as identifying which country you’re from). You’ll probably have to update both your Android app and Chrome extension, so be sure to find the former here, and take care of the latter right here.

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