Samsung Level line of premium headphones and speakers announced



Audiophiles should hold onto their jaws, as Samsung has announced their new line of premium audio products. Dubbed the Level series, Samsung has a full range of headphones and speakers to fit your needs. Here’s what’s on tap:

  • Level Over: traditional over-the-ear headphones with 50mm neodymium Dynamic Drivers. It also features Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity with apt-X and SBC support. Weighs 350g.
  • Level On: 40mm dual-layered drivers. Features a detachable 3.5mm headphone cable and an inline microphone + controls. Weighs 209.8g.
  • Level In: in-ear headphones with a three-way speaker system (2 balanced speakers for treble and mid-range, one dynamic speaker for deep bass). Comes with 4 silicon tips and 3 memory foam tips to fit any ear. Weighs 15.7g
  • Level Box: Bluetooth speaker box with 56mm passive radiator drivers. Can pair with smartphones and tablets via NFC. Also features built-in microphone with noise cancellation for speakerphone calls. Weighs 600g and comes with rechargeable battery that lasts up to 15 hours.

The speakers and headphones will be compatible with Samsung’s Level smartphone app that will provide dynamic EQ settings through SoundAlive. They’ll also be looking out for your ear’s health with built-in volume monitor support (because, you know, blasting the audio past 11 isn’t a good idea for the delicate human eardrum). The app should be available for all Android users either through Google Play or Samsung Apps.


Samsung sure makes these audio products sound nice — and they certainly have the looks to match — but actual audio quality is one judgment that’ll have to wait until we can get these onto our ears for ourselves. The products launch Mid-May, and can be had in either white or black no matter which one you go with.

[via Samsung Tomorrow]

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  1. Over the ear headphone has no microphone?

    1. The over the ear does have a microphone. Its the bluetooth ones that do not.

  2. It appears that the only style of in-ear headphones they make are the “ipod-style” buds that don’t fit in my ears.

  3. Bah!! Those don’t look techy enough. I love those headphones that have the swivel-like design. Something like the Pioneer HDJ’s. Those just look cool.

  4. And yet in another post someone was saying samsung was causing stagnation on the tech sector…. pretty cool earphones tho. I have a Samsung audio dock and it doesn’t only look amazing but also sounds amazing. Big hopes here with these new products.

    1. I’ve never heard any Samsung device that sounds amazing, and I work in home theater at Best Buy. They sell $1000+ soundbars that are worse than soundbars you can get from other manufacturers for half the price. And their mid-line models are awful compared to competitors. I will admit their wireless speakers are decent, but it’s still crap compared to the Bose wireless speakers, and especially the Sonos ones.

      1. I absolutely love my DA-E750.

        1. We can agree to disagree. It’s a lot better than most of their other audio systems, though.

  5. The fact that Samsung included Bluetooth in their “audiophile” headphones means that they’re not marketed at audiophiles, they’re just marketed at elitist nerds.

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