Apr 21st, 2014


It’s official, folks — Microsoft and Nokia are expecting to close their big acquisition April 25th, with the former swallowing up the latter in a $7.2 billion blockbuster deal. It’s one of the biggest in the tech world in recent months, paving way to a future where Microsoft has a hand in a company that can build they devices they want.

Microsoft’s influence over Nokia was quite strong well ahead of the acquisition, with the Finnish company deciding to get in bed and create mostly Windows Phone devices. Of course, that trend was broken with Nokia’s launch of the Nokia X line of smartphones, which are priced to be affordable at the expense of gaudy specs.

Whether or not Microsoft will allow Nokia to continue their Android musings beyond the Nokia X remains to be seen, but for now they are probably happy to just sit back and celebrate the new marriage finally being made official.

[via Microsoft]

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