Microsoft, Nokia to seal their big deal this Friday



It’s official, folks — Microsoft and Nokia are expecting to close their big acquisition April 25th, with the former swallowing up the latter in a $7.2 billion blockbuster deal. It’s one of the biggest in the tech world in recent months, paving way to a future where Microsoft has a hand in a company that can build they devices they want.

Microsoft’s influence over Nokia was quite strong well ahead of the acquisition, with the Finnish company deciding to get in bed and create mostly Windows Phone devices. Of course, that trend was broken with Nokia’s launch of the Nokia X line of smartphones, which are priced to be affordable at the expense of gaudy specs.

Whether or not Microsoft will allow Nokia to continue their Android musings beyond the Nokia X remains to be seen, but for now they are probably happy to just sit back and celebrate the new marriage finally being made official.

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Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Nokia about to go down like a fat kid on a tricycle. nobody want a Windows phones, that crap OS, suck

  2. And Nokia has sealed their fate. They could have rivaled Samsung if they were smart and took android serious.

    1. No one wants to be a me too… don’t get me wrong I love android – rocking a note 3 and nexus 4… but Nokia running 8.1 (which is an amazing os just lacking in apps btw) sets them apart as something special – and for budget users, a lumia 520 costs less than a tenth of the flagship iPhone (which the non-nerds out there believe to be the best) but rivals it in speed and fluidity and beats it in style and functionality as well as being different and individual, and the new update will kit it out with all the missing features, no wonder Nokia is making millions in poorer countries and doing fairly well in the UK and US market … They just need a good flagship model with the new updated is and the icon/930 is set to be that device.

      Just because one OS is great (android) doesn’t make everything else suck. .. not even ios is really a terrible system, just a bit… useless outside of the basic functions.

  3. Non-nerds often only know about the iPhone and Galaxy phones. Some of them don’t think the iPhone is the best device in the world (although many do think so). iOS is fast, simple and easy to use (and learn to use) but Android has usage latitude galore compared to it (you can pretty much do anything you can think of on it).

    1. My Gnex5 is every bit as smooth and fluid as both my wife and daughter’s iPhone 5S devices…but my Android has Google Now which is tons better than Siri and I don’t need to sync my media to iTunes in order to remove or add it to/from my device.
      …yet, my daughter STILL manages to look down her nose at me because I don’t have iPhone too. LOL, teenage girls.

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