Forthcoming Glassware update brings new calendar app to Google Glass


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Google is preparing some great changes for Google Glass Explorers following last week’s big, long-awaited update. This time, MyGlass is getting some new wares. One of those changes is worthy of a quick mention — iPhone users will now be able to view SMS text messages on their Google Glass unit. They won’t be able to reply like us Android folks can, but it’s better than nothing.

More to the point for everyone else is a new Calendar Glassware that can now display your appointments in an agenda view to the left your home-screen. You can edit an event’s title, time, location, and RSVP status, you can delete it entirely from your calendar, or you can dismiss it from agenda view if you don’t want to delete it but no longer need it.

So how do you get it? It’s as simple as signing into MyGlass and enabling the new Calendar app, though you’ll have to wait a few days as Google hasn’t rolled it out just yet. We’ll be keeping our eye out for it in the meantime, though, and you can bet we’ll holler whenever those changes go live.

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