Apr 21st, 2014
lg g2 mini teaser
LG G2 and G2 Mini

With great power comes great responsibility, and it seems with every flagship smartphone from a major manufacturer comes a mini version. LG will reportedly hive the still-rumored LG G3 the Mini treatment, with new rumors suggesting a smaller, weaker version of the flagship device will be in tow.

Early details tell of a device with a 720p display and an 8 megapixel camera — not quite the beastly specs we expect the full-sized brother to have, but sounds decent enough to turn some heads. We can’t be too sure of other internals just yet, but we imagine whatever is inside will be more than capable of handling Android 4.4.2.

That’s the extent of our knowledge thus far, though a model with bands for AT&T has been confirmed. There’s no telling if this will head to all four major carriers as the full-sized LG G3 is expected to, but we wouldn’t bet our life savings on it.

[LG UA Profile via MLGP]

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