Apr 15th, 2014


Rumors of “Gear Glass,” a Samsung made Google Glass competitor, date back to last year when we first heard whisperings the Korean wearable was in the works. That same month, a Samsung patent filing would later reveal one possible design the headset could take shape as when it finally hits market, looking more like sports eyewear than a sleek version of Google’s headset. Well, the model revealed in last year’s patent filing may have been just that — a sports variant — as a new design has been found in yet another Samsung patent filing.


Uncovered by the folks at WhatMobile.net, we find a design much more in tune with Google Glass, only more… obstructive? While this version of Gear Glass looks more like a typical Bluetooth earpiece, it features an arm that wraps around the user’s eye. The result? Something more like a Dragon Ball Z scouter than Google’s implementation. Remember, Glass hovers above eye-level and doesn’t obstruct view. This version of Gear Glass is much different.

Samsung Gear Glass patent DBZ Scouter

We should note that patent filings aren’t always indicative of a real-world product, only ideas manufacturers attempt to protect in order to cover all their bases (should they decide to actually act on a device shown in a patent filing). For an idea of how Samsung might tackle input on Gear Glass, make sure you check out the previous filing on Samsung’s augmented reality patent.

Current rumors point to a Samsung Gear Glass launch somewhere towards the end of this year, hopefully a lot less costly than Google’s variant. Design wise, let us know which version you think would sit better with consumers — Google Glass or Samsung Gear Glass?

Image credit: Gglassday

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