Sprint Nexus 5 update brings more Spark bands, “miscellaneous Android updates”


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The Now Network, formally known as Sprint, is pushing out an upgrade to their Nexus 5 this morning. Build KTU48F is in tow, with the biggest known change being the enabling of Sprint Spark bands 26 and 41. This should result in a more stable and fast connection in the areas that currently support Spark.

Beyond that, Sprint only mentions that the update includes “miscellaneous Android updates,” which we can assume to mean bug fixes and performance improvements. Unfortunately there’s no way to tell if some of the most talked about issues in the latest builds of Kit Kat have been addressed.

We imagine this could be the Android 4.4.3 build that we’ve been hearing so much about as of late, but there’s no solid way to tell ahead of the update’s arrival. It would also be odd to see Sprint’s version getting that particular update ahead of the Google Play model, but stranger things have happened.

The first rollout should begin at some point today so we’ll be tuned in to see what, exactly, we’re getting. If you have a Sprint Nexus 5 you can begin checking for the update by heading to Settings > About Phone > System Updates (and be sure to stay on Wifi and get that battery charged to a decent amount to avoid any issues).

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  1. Is there really any difference between the Sprint N5 and the Google Play N5(other than it being sold through the respective outlets)?

    1. Other than the fact that you can get the 32GB from Google and activate it on Sprint, I don’t think there is any real difference. I’m running the 32GB on Sprint.

      1. For a while you could not activate the 32GB on sprint.

        1. Wrong. I got mine the week it came out, took it to Sprint store, swapped my SIM from my GS4 to my N5 and walked out the door using my N5.

          1. https://community.sprint.com/baw/message/678524


            There were manyreports of being unable to activate 32GB version of the nexus 5. Sprint acknowledged the issue and rectified it.

            You, apparently, were a lucky one that was not affected by the issue.

      2. What about Tmobile???? Why just sprint???

        1. What about T-Mobile?

          1. Was wondering when Tmobile will get the n5 update been having connection problems am hoping for update soon . . .I loose data connect daily

            Teresa augustenborg

          2. That is a question I can’t answer. Sorry.

    2. There is a difference. Read my post above.

      1. There is no difference. Hardware and software are identical.

      2. I as well beg to differ, as true Nexus devices skip the carrier review process, and with it the bloatware.

    3. No. They are the same.

  2. There is no difference between the Sprint N5 and Google Play version. They will both get the same update as it comes directly from Google.

    1. Actually your wrong. Having a carrier phone this is how Android updates roll out.

      Android development team pushes out a new build of the OS. < Manufacturer receives update. They review over the update tweek if needed to support hardware/software changes. < Then it's pushed off to the carrier. The carrier reviews over changes from Android and Manufacturer changes. The carrier add bloatware (unneeded Apps to the phone) carrier test phone on there networks then If all tests pass and months go by the carrier starts to roll out to the customer. This process could see year's in some case's.

      How ever there has been a speed of the way these updates go throw there process but that depends on the carrier and manufacturer as well.

      This is why I by Nexus products throw Google Play Store or I would recommend Google Play Edition's of the phone of your choice on Google Play Store. I for one support Nexus product line. Always ahead of the game with the latest Android OS and No bloatware. :D.

      1. Actually, you are wrong. The Google play sold nexus 5 and the Sprint nexus 5 are exactly identical. No bloatware, no extra layers of software, nothing. Your argument may be valid with other phones, but not the nexus 5. Check your facts next time.

      2. No. The play store phone and carrier phones are exactly the same.

      3. That is true for carrier branded phones where the carrier has control over the software. That is not the case with Nexus phones with the exception of the Verizon Galaxy Nexus (which is why Verizon hasn’t had a Nexus phone since). Google is in charge of the update on the Nexus 5.

  3. How does this affect Nexus 5s on Ting, a Sprint MVNO? I just checked, no updates at the moment.

    1. updates can take a month before they reach everybody in the United States……. for whatever reason, Google releases these updates on a staggered roll-out.

    2. Not sure that Ting would get the update if they won’t have access to Spark.

  4. Yeah, my question was similar to everybody else’s. If you’re using the unlocked Google play editiiN5 on sprint will you get this update as well?

    1. It’s my understanding that all US Nexii are the same. Google is pushing out the update, so if Sprint is getting an update all Nexus users should be as well.

      1. False. This is a Sprint maintenance update. Mainly to integrate some radios. This has been something rooted people could do before. The other bugs are Sprint related too.
        Also the one sold by Sprint is “supposedly” locked to Sprint somehow. I talked to a Google rep about it. There are some software tweaks. If you root you can bypass these though.

        1. Thanks for clearing that up.

    2. whats a “unlocked google play edition N5” ? i only see 1 version on google play.

      1. You’re correct, all nexuses are unlocked, with exception to the GNex of Verizon, and GNex and Nexus s of Sprint.

  5. Nothing yet on my Sprint Nexus 5. Waiting anxiously. Hope they don’t “Passover” me (see what I did there?)

    1. LOL this actually made me laugh

  6. Will this resolve the issue of being on a Spark enhanced call and not being able to get data at the same time?

  7. Since when has there been a Sprint Nexus 5? So the only carrier missing is Verizon? Wow.

    1. Since day 1.

  8. The play model works on sprint… It’s not a different model.. Aka sprint just announced it.. But the one purchasable in play works on sprint with just a phone call to sprint…

  9. I must be missing something but how can they changes the bands that the phone will work on with a software update. The bands a phone will work on is a function of hardware not software. That is why some phones have different hardware versions for different carriers. The first example that comes to mind is my old Nexus One. There was a T-Mobile version and an AT&T version. Both used different bands for 3G data. The difference between the two versions was a hardware difference not a software difference.
    This some point is also the only difference between the US and European version of the Nexus 5.

    1. The hardware antennas are capable of many things, but the software is what utilizes and “points” them. The software/firmware is what interfaces with and manipulates the antenna. The actual antenna has always been capable of it.

  10. Thank you for sharing this informative post. I was eagerly waiting for
    this update for my Nexus 5 from last 1 month. After completely charge my device
    through qi charger I will definitely update it with this latest version of
    Android 4.4.3.

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